Udaipur Ranked 310 in Swachh Survey, Know about the parameters and our role as residents

The ministry of Urban Development conducted a survey ‘Swachh Sarvekshan 2017’ to rank 500 cities on parameters of different aspects of cleanliness, In the survey Indore has been ranked#1 as the cleanest and Gonda in UP ranked#500 as the dirtiest city and Udaipur which is known for its beauty and had been conferred with the title of ‘The Most Beautiful City’ in the world, has disappointingly secured 310 rank.It’s a dismal performance of the city and has shown the mirror to the administrators and the residents.The 500 cities were judged on different parameters relating to cleanliness such as:

1.Solid Waste Management

It includes door to door waste collection, user charges collection, sweeping in the commercial area, deployment of informal waste pickers, cities with operational waste processing plant with 80% waste processing capacity, facility of sanitary landfills and all activities related to waste disposal.

2.Access to Sanitation

In this number of IHHL(Individual Household Latrine) application approval and construction of Comunity and Public toilets is measured.

3.Capacity Building and Monitory System

It records the number of staff involved in sanitation, the e-learning of the staff, the number of GPS tracked garbage vehicle, the staff attendance system, and complaint resolution.

4.Onsite Observation

It includes cleanliness of the residential area, commercial  area, the area around the railway station, area around bus stand, and public toilets.It also takes into account the condition and location of public toilets and whether they are gender, child, and disabled friendly.

5.Citizen Feedback

It takes into account the satisfaction level of the citizen on parameters such as cleanliness of their area, availability of public toilets, availability of dustbins, door to door collection.


In this cities are judges if they are ‘Open Defecation Free’ which indirectly relates to 100% toilet availability.

We can see that Udaipur lags in the above parameters, we still don’t have door to door collection in place as at some places it’s not happening, proper monitoring of the same needs improvement, we the residents should not litter at public places, should use dustbins and public toilets, should keep the railway and bus stand area clean, should give up using vehicle at least for a day, should voice our problems if there is no response from the cleaning department. We have a huge role to play in keeping the city clean so let’s pledge to bring the lake city to the top in the next survey.

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