We Connected Some Rajasthani Songs To English Contexts, The Results Are Here

Rajasthani songs are world famous, the melody and the lyrics of the songs are so touching that one get completely engrossed in it, we connected some famous Rajasthani Songs to some completely diverse English contexts, the results are just hilarious, just check out.

1.Poor Jiju

Rajasthani Songs


2.Boyfriend drenched in Kesariya

rajasthani songs


3.Banna ruined the Garden 😉

rajasthani Song


4.Raw lemons makes a good lemonade

rajasthani Song



rajasthani Song


6.This guy is exposed 😉

rajasthani Song


7.Use Headphones 😉

rajasthani songs


8.Most common incident

kaliyo kud padio mela mai

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