8 Things you shouldn’t be saying to an Udaipurite.

There are many things which make an Udaipurite proud and enchanted but there are also few things an Udaipurite might not find pleasing and might piss him off, here are few things which you should not say to an Udaipurite and needs to quickly clear up.

1.Udaipur? Where is it?


Mostly Udaipurites receives very warm compliments about Udaipur when they reveal their city name and they expect everyone to at least know Udaipur by name but if someone doesn’t know Udaipur then it might surprise them.

 2.XYZ is the most beautiful city


An Udaipurite won’t take this very well because for him Udaipur is the most beautiful city and he/she likes to hear it from you.You might hear a counter question “Have you visited Udaipur?”

3.Are you a Marwadi?


Many have said this and we are saying it again “ Everyone in Rajasthan is not Marwadi and Udaipur is not Marwad”  Udaipur comes under Mewad region so you can call us Mewadi.

4.Udaipur must be hot and dry


No! Stop generalizing.Udaipur is much greener and filled with lake water all around.The city is also known as “Venice of The East”.

5.Say something in Rajasthani


Everyone can’t speak in Rajasthani and you will find many who don’t speak, neither do they understand Rajasthani so kindly spare.

6.No Khamma Ghani!

rajasthan namastey

We don’t say khamma ghani in Udaipur, people generally greet each other with namaskar, namastey, and the most local gesture is “Ram Ram Sa”.

7.  Jaipur err… Udaipur?

Plz stop confusing Udaipur with Jaipur, only names rhyme well otherwise both are 450 km apart.So the next time you arrive in Jaipur don’t ask to meet up 😉

8.You have a king? Are you still ruled by him?

King in Udaipur

This is how people see King in Udaipur

It’s the Government of India rule all over India so we are ruled by the Government although we have King and royal successors in the city, they live a modern lifestyle.


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