This Village Tour concept in Mewar(Rajasthan) will let tourists experience ‘Village Life’

village tour Rajathan

Spending a simple rustic life for a few days in peace, away from the hustle and bustle of the city is every traveler’s/tourist’s dream.The tour operators of Delhi and Maharashtra are launching village tour packages of villages of Mewar(mainly villages of Udaipur) this March.The prime destination includes ‘The Bird Village’ Menar where tourists will have a chance to do night stay, this will also create income opportunities for the local villagers.

The whole idea behind this tour package is to pull out the tourists from the monotony of the gadgets and busy urban life by giving them a peaceful, rural experience.The foreign tourists have a lot of curiosity of knowing the rural life in India and this will prove to be a great attraction for them.The tourists will be introduced to all the thing which will give them the experience of the village life like the camel, bull cart, tractor ride, food cooked on ‘Chulha'(village stove), various regional dance such as Gavri, Ghoomer, and Gair dance, quenching thirst by pulling water from the well, milking cattle, getting fresh vegetables from the farm, bird watching while sitting on the bank of the river or lake and much more. Tourists will be staying in tents or village houses and their food and other things will be taken care by villagers.The tour operators will make the payment to the villages per tourist.

The list of the village destination will be expanded after detailed discussion by the tour operator association.This tour concept will be named fame tour-2018, hope this innovative package gives a major boost to the tourism in Mewad.

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