14 Things that happen in every ‘Mewadi Wedding’

Wedding in Mewad is celebrated with lots of fun and gusto, lots of dancing, food, family reunion, and talks makes it an exhilarating gala time.There are wonderful things that happen in every Mewadi wedding which are an integral part of the weddings and makes it memorable.Here’s the list of things that happen in every Mewadi Wedding.

1.The start of  days-long feasts


For the family members/relatives, the feasts(Jeeman) starts few days before the marriage and lasts until few days after the marriage thanks to different customs like ‘ratijaga’, ‘vinayak pujan’ etc and it eliminates the need to cook food at home at least for a week.

2.The ‘Tea’ and ‘Gupshups’ in ‘Raatijaga’

tea served in tray

The raatijaga which is also called ‘ratri-jagran'(to stay awake whole night in worship of god or goddesses) is not just about staying awake whole night and listen to the ‘Geet'(regional songs).It’s about the multiple rounds of tea and plenty of gupshups(chats) with the cousins and friends

3.The wedding is incomplete without dancing on ‘Ajihasa’ ‘Ghoomer’ and pallo latke

Rajasthani Wedding

Rajasthani Wedding Celebration

Dancing on Rajasthani songs is so much fun and watching others dancing elegantly is a treat to watch, not only women, Men too jump in, to perform the ‘Ghoomer’ dance and they do it with sheer elegance.When the Rajasthani songs are played it’s difficult to hold back.

4.Baras Baras Mhara Inder Raja song on Dj is the norm

baras baras mhara inder raja

This song is a must-have song for the Dj as they are most likely to receive the demand for

the song, and people enjoy so much dancing to this song of the rustic genre.

5.That one male ‘Ghoomer’ master

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Every family has at least one male dancer who dances superbly on Rajasthani songs, even better than the females 😉

6.It feels so Royal at the ‘Toran’


The tradition of ‘Toran'(the hanging at the entrance) gives a royal feel, elevating the sword to touch the ‘toran’ really gives a ‘princely’ feel.

7.‘Jeeman’ is the priority whatsoever

There is a special affection for ‘Jeeman’ in the wedding season, it is rarely skipped and hence the first priority, after reaching ‘Jeeman’ meeting and greeting is secondary, the first thing people concentrate is food and especially the items that have the probability of getting finished, glance at the wedding couple at reception is taken at last or sometimes even skipped.This is playing with no risk 😉

8.The angry ‘Fufasa’

‘Fufasa'(husband of father’s sister) ‘Fufaji’ or ‘Kanwarsa’ for some, needs to be given special attention but there is always a ‘Fufasa’ in the most families who get annoyed for whatever reason.

9.The kaathi ‘Manvaars’

“Kai bhi vei jaaye, padharnois he”

“Aap to ghar ra ho, kewa ri zarurat bhi ni veni chhave”

“Dekh lo! ni aaya to hau ni vega”

The ‘Kaathi Manvars”(compelling invitations/requests) really touches the heart and make sure the presence in the ceremony.

10.The relishing Mewadi taste

indian wedding

The combination of ‘chane ki daal’, ‘puri’, ‘Besan chakki’, and raita is just amazing.The Rajasthani food like ‘ker sangri’, daal baati, ‘laapsi’, ‘besan gatta’, and the most important ‘Raabdi’ comprise the most demanding part of the menu of the main feast.

11.Dressing in Rajasthani Attires


Dressing in Rajasthani attires feels so great and unique, the ‘paushak’, the birjis and shirt, the Jodhpuri suit, the bandhej saree, saafa and the Mewadi Paag everything looks so traditional and royal.

12.The regional songs sung by females

“Bai Meli Ae Diwle vaat, ki Laadiya Ghee Purey

Badh Mhara Diwla Chaar Piyar Ri Raat

Aaaj Devta Ro ‘Ratijago’ hai………(Chorus)

The regional ‘Geet'(songs) sung by our grannies accompanied by other females in the chorus make us feel rooted to our culture.

13.The exciting contests between the couple

The different kinds of exciting contests that are held like ‘find the ring/coin from turmeric mixed water’, ‘lifting and rotating the bride and the groom by family members’, it is so much fun being part of such exciting customs.

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14.The hello hello hello band

The band in which the artists sings live with the pre-testing ‘hello hello hello…..one one one….song name’ has its own fun, such bands are there other than Mewad too but at most places, DJ system has replaced the live singer.

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