Beware of suited-booted stranger wedding guests, they can be thieves

There has been a new gang operating in this wedding season in Udaipur, it’s a suited-booted gang.The members of the gang get smartly dressed in suit-boot to look like wedding guests and then get involve in a fat wedding taking place, in the wedding they keep their focus on the ‘Envelope’ and ‘Jewellery’ bags and once the family members shifts their attention from the valuable items, the thieves run away with the envelops, jewelry, and other high-value items.The gang has successfully done the robbery at three weddings held at a hotel, ‘Vatika’ at 100 feet, and Suvalka Bhawan.

The gang is said to belong to villages of Madhya Pradesh.The gang includes children, women, boys, and men aged 16-20 years.They are trained to carry out the robbery, they inspect the area in the daytime and choose the wedding destination for robbery, they try to target big weddings which they speculate on the basis of the preparations of the wedding.

Police have been acting proactively to catch the gang, one of the thieves was caught in the CCTV footage stealing a bag kept on the sofa, the footage went viral on social media.Police have appealed people to stay alert and keep the ‘envelops’, jewelry, and other valuable items safe also to keep an eye on the people at the entry point of the wedding.

So stay safe and beware of any suited booted stranger in the wedding.

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