This Unique Themed Restro-Lounge in Udaipur has 9 sections & Mindblowing Ambience

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Central Hall at Rootage

The themed restaurant culture is gradually catching up in Udaipur city and we have one superb Restaurant and Lounge emerged recently right at the heart of the City, ’Rootage Restaurant & Lounge’ stands out with its innovative theme and mind-blowing ambience. This place has one of the most beautiful ambiences and potentially one of the best restaurants in Udaipur

Theme, Architecture and Ambiance

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Wood textured entrance of the ‘Rootage’

The theme and the architecture of the ‘Rootage Restaurant and Lounge’ is just as the name ‘Rootage’ which means ‘a developed system of roots’, Right from the entrance you will realize the ‘Rootage’ theme as the entrance has the real roots placed, the entrance door and the door wall has the tree like texture. When you enter there is a zigzag dim lit narrow passage just as we have the roots at the initial stage and when you proceed further a grand double heighted hall with mesmerizing ambience stuns you just as the roots lead to a huge tree.

The hall has a circular table seating, and Udaipur’s first double heighted dance floor, a protruding sculpture from the wall, and a real root hanging on the ceiling right in the centre. The double heighted dance floor in the hall is a perfect place to move your feet and party, you can celebrate any of your occasion in this huge double heighted space. The best part is the huge double heighted space is visually connected to all the different sections so that any of the live activities can be enjoyed by everyone being in their own zone.

Double Heighted dance floor for occasions

The duplex hall with the dazzling lounge area at the top leaves you in awe. Like tree has multiple branches, ‘Rootage’ has 9 different sections with the paths emerging from the double heighted space and the speciality about each section is, all have different ambiences, the interiors and furniture of all 9 section is different. All sections are secluded so you can enjoy with your family or friend/s maintaining the privacy.

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Tunnel Shaped section at Rootage

Above the stairs is a plush lounge which is so beautifully designed, there are hexagonal mirrors framed into the wall, the brown textured super comfy leather couches make it a perfect place to chill with family and friends. There is also an awaited bar near the lounge area. The other sections are situated adjoining the double heighted area on the ground. Every section has different ambience, there’s a tunnel-like setup, family dine setup, privacy setup, cave-like setup and open setup. The dimly lit spaces under yellow lights, the sparkling wine glasses and the new cutlery provide you with a great fine dining experience.

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‘Lounge’ above the duplex hall at Rootage

They serve all kind of vegetarian food, there’s a big hygienic kitchen (probably Udaipur’s largest veg. Kitchen) with cooking experts to provide you with finger licking food. The food and the service of this place are superb.

There is also a separate smoking zone, the stairs from the lounge area lead to it, a new section is also coming up soon past these stairs.

Address & Timings of the ‘Rootage Restaurant & Lounge’

Ashoka Cinema Premises, Surajpol, Udaipur

Timings- 11 am- 11 pm

So when are you planning to visit ‘Rootage’?

Watch the video below and take a tour of the mesmerizing Rootage Restaurant and Lounge.(video below)