A Net Ban yet again and this is ridiculous affair in Smart City Udaipur

We entered a digital age, our PM tried his best to emphasize on the use of digital medium, now taxi, food, flight, train, money transfer, media, entertainment, spirituality, health everything is on our fingertip, “I dream of Digital India says respected PM”  but ironically Digital India and Smart City looks a joke due to the ridiculous actions by the administration. Tomorrow there is a Net Ban yet again from 9 AM to 5 PM. Net Ban has become a frequent affair in Udaipur city and many other parts and the reason is the ‘Constable Exam’, so they shut the internet in the whole city to stop ‘to be police personnel’ from cheating in an offline exam. Instead of taking measures at the exam centres the internet access of all the residents is blocked, everyone mostly relying on the internet can jump in the well. No one gives a ‘fish’. There are thousands of people who suffer, it affects lakhs of online transaction, flight booking, train booking, exam form filling, call centres, online freelancers(inka koi sunday nahi hota bhai), taxi commuters, soft money holders, tourists and many more.

It’s a request to the exam organisers to think of other measures to stop cheating, why should other Netizens suffer?, why snatching our ‘Digital Liberty’? Why making a mockery of ‘Dgital India Campaign’?. A headache pill for stomach ache won’t work sir, please look into it and try to make ‘Udaipur’ a smart city. Right now it really looks like a lame joke.

Requesting every Udaipur Netizen to share, tweet, it might land into the right ears.