After Princess Diya Kumari Udaipur Royals claim to be the direct descendant of Lord Ram

The claims of ‘Lord Rama’s descendants’ started with the ongoing hearing of the Ayodhya case when the court asked the ‘in favor lawyer’- “are there any descendants of Lord Rama in Ayodhya or anywhere in the world” to which the lawyer denied about having any information. But there was someone who had an answer, Jaipur Princess Diya Kumari came up with the claim of the Jaipur royal family being the descendants of Kush(son of Lord Rama) she also presented proofs to support her claims. Soon the Mewar Royals from Udaipur came up with the claims of being the direct descendants of Shree Ram.

Udaipur Royal Family member Maharana Arvind Singh Ji Mewar wrote on twitter and Facebook:

Another royal family member Mahendra Singh ji Mewar said, our royal family is the descendant of Luv(Lord Rama’s son), Mewar Royal Family prince Lakshya Raj Singh also claimed this fact. he said,” we are the descendants of Luv, colonel James Toad in his book ‘Anals and Activities of Rajasthan’ wrote -The capital of Lord Rama was ‘Ayodhya’, his son ‘Luv’ founded ‘Luv-Kote’ (Lahore), the early descendants of love came to Ahar in Mewar where they founded the Sisodia Kingdom, Lord Rama was Suryavanshi and the kingdom sign of Mewar is also Sun, like Shree Ram Mewar royal members, have been a devotee of lord shiva, this is the concrete proof that the Mewar Royal Family is the descendants of Suryavanshi Shree Rama.”(Source: Rajasthan Patrika)

Historians also confirm the above claims as per historians, the traditions, being shive devotee and suryavanshi is the proof of the above claims. This is a great and interesting fact revealed, as per the claims the land of Mewar was ruled by the divine descendants of Lord Rama years ago, which is a proud thing for every one of us who belong to Mewar.