Maneater Leopard Who Killed 3 Shot Dead In Tidi Jungles|Happened after 24 years

Officials Carrying Dead Leopard

There had been a lot of terror around the Tidi and Parsad forest area in Udaipur district after a Leopard killed three in the parsad forest range, it’s a rare event as such case of declaring a leopard maneater and shooting last happened around 24 years ago in the year 1995 in Rajsamand’s Haldighati area. In the current case, the leopard was declared Maneater after its second prey who was a 15-year-old boy killed while playing in the field, the leopard was ordered to kill on sight by the forest office Jaipur, earlier the leopard killed a 40-year-old man by dragging him away while he was asleep in his balcony, a 13-year-old girl was killed in the third attack. After this the terror instilled in the surrounding locality, a team of 110 personnel have been deployed in the entire area covering Bara, Patiya, Paduna, and Chanavda.

Today morning(14th August 2019) the forest shooters led by Mr. Arvind Mathur succeeded in killing the predator, the team approached the cave in which the leopard was last seen entering after attacking the third prey(a girl), Mr. Arvind Mathur and team entered the cave and shot down the leopard in its den.

Here’s the video of the chaos post killing of the Leopard!