6 Best Places In Udaipur To Witness ‘JCB Ki Khudai’

The ravishing yellow beauty JCB is in trend and to make it possible for die hard JCB fans to witness this robust machine in full action we have come up with six best places in Udaipur where you can watch ‘JCB ki Khudai’ in a proper way with good view.

Here are our best 6 pick to watch ‘JCB ki Khudai’ in Udaipur.


You can watch JCB in action near sevashram choraha, you might have to walk some distance as it is always better to park your vehicle a few distances from the dug area.

#5.Durga Nursery Road

Durga Nursery Road is another great place to watch ‘JCB ki Khudai’, here you might face problems due to heavy traffic but for a die hard fan traffic doesn’t mean anything.

#4.New Jai Shree colony (Backside Bohara Ganesh Ji)

This is a hidden spot, the specialty about this place is here apart from JCB you can even see a tank styled ‘Red Mitsubishi’ in action. In the day the view became even more interesting when a mini truck rear wheel got stuck in the mud here. We got to know about the place from our close sources.

#3. Main Road Near American Hospital

This spot also offers a great view of ‘JCB ki Khudai’ but this place is slightly risky as there is a slope on the road so it’s necessary to be careful at this spot.

#2. New Jaishree Colony to North Sunderwas

This is a hidden gem in the city to watch JCB ki khudai, when you go from New Jaishree Colony (backside of Bohra Ganesh ji) to North Sunderwas you can spot not one but two JCBs in action and the best part about this place is, you can watch the ‘Khudai’ comfortably as there is not much traffic.

#1 Outside Meera Girls College

This place offers the best view, the view is large and easily viewable , there is not one but more than one JCBs are in action. You can just stand on road side and comfortably enjoy the ‘Khudai’

All the above place are picked based on today’s JCB appearances, we don’t guarantee the same scenario tomorrow too, you can check out all the places, you would definitely get to see ‘JCB ki Khudai’.

If you have more places do let us know in comments 🙂

Disclaimer- This post is just intended for fun, if anyone plans to watch the JCB it would solely be on his discretion, we don’t take any responsibility.