After Fulfillment of ‘Fatehsagar-Overflow’ wish this guy walked on foot to Eklingji

‘Fatehsagar Lake’ has been the most loved lake in Udaipur of every Udaipurite, this is the place where many friendships happened, most amazing time spent, many business meets took place, many dates happened, many met for the last time and got separated, there are many memories attached to this place, this is the reason that Fatehsagar is not the lake it’s an emotion. This is the reason everyone prays for Fatehsagar lake to fill and overflow, Rishyant Ojha also prayed and made a wish for Fatehsagar Lake, he pledged on Facebook to visit Ekling ji temple on foot if the Fatehsagar Lake overflows, in the local dialect this is called ‘Bolma’ which is done to get wishes fulfilled, he posted about this on 9th August 2019 at that time there were slim chances of Fatehsagar filling and overflowing due to inadequate rain.

This is what he posted!

And after the overflow, he set out for a walk to Eklingji approximately 24 Km from Udaipur

During the last stage of monsoon, with God’s grace Udaipur received good amount of showers and all lakes overflowed. It’s always easy to make promises but Rishyant makes it happen, he set out on foot to Eklingji which is approx. 24 km from Udaipur and completed his promise. He was accompanied by his friend Hemant Shrimali. Rishyant is a resident of Badgaon, Udaipur and a devotee of Lord Shiva.

Filling and overflowing of Fatehsagar remains the greatest monsoon moment every year for every Udaipurite, last time due to poor rains Fatehsagar did not get fill even to a bare minimum level, everyone got disheartened, a similar situation started haunting the city people as there were no adequate rains at the start and middle of the monsoon. It’s good to see how much people in Udaipur love Fatehsagar and what all they can do to see it overflowing.