Rajasthan Govt Bans Selfies/Photo/Video While Food Distribution, Much Needed Decision

The much-needed decision amid the COVID 19 pandemic has finally arrived, now onwards clicking selfies, pictures, or videography is prohibited while the distribution of food to the needy. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot tweeted that the distribution of ration/food should be done with the sole feeling of helping the needy, this should not become the medium of competition and publicity.

Below are the tweets by CM Ashok Gehlot:

The distribution of food packets or ration to the poor and needy is a kind task but many took it as a medium to gain popularity or sympathy, people started uploading selfies, videos, and pictures on social, there were many videos and pictures seen on social media in which people could be clearly seen showing off their service. Many people on social media objected to the public display of helping the needy according to them this could make people feel embarrassed who is receiving help. The decision of banning was first brought into effect in Ajmer by the Ajmer Collector and now applicable to the entire Rajasthan state.

It’s a great decision and we just hope people help with open arms without showing it publicly because all your deed is getting well noted, god is watching us all.