The Thermocol Boat on Delhigate Very Well Explained The Adverse Situation Of Yesterday’s Rain.

Yesterday turned out to be a messy day for most of the Udaipurites as the drainage of the city totally failed in flushing out the water which accumulated in a good rain which lasted for a short time, the roads of the main city and the old city got submerged in the water, the water flowing with strong current entered the shops and created a lot of mess.

It was just the start of the monsoon and the failed drainage of the city made the residents angry, the residents of the city are already facing troubles due to the sewerage work and the rain further added the salt to the wound, people on social media vent out their anger, various sarcastic jokes were made(yes! we also cracked some) and ‘the need for boats instead of vehicles for commutation in the city’ was said by people in a sarcastic way but who knew we would get to see the practical demo of crossing the road in a Boat, a small girl was seen crossing the submerged road on a ‘jugaad thermocol’ boat with the help of a guy. This was recorded by the people standing on the nearby building and then shared on social media, the video quickly got spread on various social media platforms. This was not just a video but also highlighted the fact that if conditions remained the same we might need the help of the boats.

You can watch the video below: