Interesting Facts About City Palace Udaipur You Must Know Prior Visit

City Palace Udaipur is undoubtedly the most attractive tourist attraction in Udaipur. Everyone who visits Udaipur definitely visits this architectural marvel in the city of lakes. There are some astonishing facts about this palace which one must know before visiting or during the visit of this palace, if you know these facts it would be real fun exploring this palace. Here are some interesting facts about the city palace Udaipur one must know prior to visiting.

1. Built on A Hill on the recommendation of a saint

city palace udaipur story
Maharana Udai Singh 2 With The Sage

When Maharana Udai Singh 2 set out for hunting he met a sage, the sage advised him that if he build the palace on this place then his generation won’t ever lose possession of the palace. Maharana Udai Singh 2 then laid the foundation of the palace.

2. Lakhu Kund

Marble Carved Lakhu Kund

There is an amazing lakhu kund a beautiful marble pond. It is said that during coronation the pond used to be filled with 1 lakh silver coins and it was then distributed to the public by throwing from above the palace.

3. The Vacant Chair

Vacant Chair At City palace

You will find a lonely chair kept in a room adorned with colorful glasses while taking the city palace tour, there is an interesting incident related to this chair.
when Maharana Fateh Singh Ji was called to the Delhi durbar held in honor of King George 5 in 1911 Maharana Fateh Singh Ji refused to attend the durbar as he don’t wish to seat below or bow before the British.The seat of Maharana Fateh Singh Ji remained vacant in the Delhi Durbar. This is the same chair that remained vacant

4. Ship Shaped

Aerial View Of City Palace

The whole palace looks like a ship sailing on the water, the palace is on the bank of Pichola river and was constructed in stages, the full palace is just like a ship, which shows the exemplary architecture.

5. Full Grown Trees on the 4th Floor

Full Sized Trees On City Palace

You have seen the terrace garden but have you seen full-grown trees on the terrace, you will be stunned to see full-grown trees as soon as you reach Amar Vilas located on the 4th floor, you won’t realize that the trees you see are rooted on the 4th floor till someone tell you about this. Your reaction must be, ‘how come these full-sized trees are growing on 4th floor’ the answer to this is that it’s a hill that was not demolished during the palace construction, and the trees you see are growing on the hill. So the architect did an amazing job of using the hill and not destroying it during the construction.

6. Mor Chowk

Peacock Made From Mosaic Art

This is the most beautiful place you will see in city palace, the chowk wall is adorned with glass inlay work, the eye candy are the 3 peacocks result.of the mosaic art, 5000 glass pieces were used in making of these peacocks.This place is also called deewane khas as the King and queen used to see dance from the top.

7. Elephant fight

Elephant Fight City Palace Udaipur
Elephant Fight Last Fought In 1951

There is a dedicated area still present where Elephant fights used to take place. When you reach the top of the palace and look down you will get a good view of this fight area, there’s a thick wall and two elephants with mahavats used to pull each other, one whose leg touches the wall loses. The last fight was held in 1951

8. Narrow short heightened Stairs

Narrow Stair Path

City palace is huge but the stair paths and isles are too narrow, only one person at a time can pass, the reason behind this is related to security, the stairs are made narrow so that during attack multiple person cannot enter, they need to move one by one.

9. Bollywood Feature

city palace udaipur movies

City palace is featured in multiple Bollywood movies like superhit guide movie 1971, ye jawani hai deewani 2014. Hollywood movie ‘Octopussy’ scenes were also shot in shivniwas hotel which is a part of City Palace Udaipur.

octopussy city palace udaipur
James Bond Hotel Scene At Shivnivas City Palace Complex