Bahubali Hill Trek Udaipur-An amazing offbeat destination

We only knew Badi lake until someone discovered Bahubali Hills, a virgin point up the hill in recent years which gives a bewitching panoramic view of the lake, especially that Bahubali hill in the middle of the lake.This view is unimaginable while staying down there at the lake.This trek also became the only point for trekking in Udaipur in the vicinity of the city. The point now became a trending photo-shoot point, Facebook and Instagram are flooded with the selfies and pictures with that ‘hump hill’ in the background.We also decided to do the trek and bring it to everyone who haven’t visited the point yet.We started around 7 in the late December’s morning of 2017.It was damn cold out there, we asked the guard at the Badi Lake, showed him the picture of the point and he guided us the way to the point.

How  to reach?

You have to take a right turn from the Badi lake(there are only two diversions as soon as you reach Badi Lake you have to adopt the right steep way) after going a few distance on the way you will again encounter one diversion with a Board indicating’Silence Resort’ just adopt that way and keep moving, after moving some distance you will find a small tin shop and a temple in front of that, here you can park your vehicles there and start the trek whose way is prior to the tin shop on the left hand side,it’s an unmetalled hilly path which will lead you to that mesmerizing view.If you have the bicycle you can take it to the top.

You get this view once you reach the point after trekking.

Badi Lake trek

The trek is a small one and you don’t need much gears to carry, you can carry water bottle and some eatables, don’t forget to bring the garbage back.The view at the top is ecstatic, you could see series of hills in the middle of the lake as well as towards the left and right of it.You could see miles into the hills as a glance towards the right.It’s a peaceful place, you can sit there, gossip, do bird watching. listen to music or book reading.

trekking in Udaipur

Mesmerizing view towards the right of the lake

There are some astonishing views you encounter on your way.

Bdai Lake Udaipur

Here’s the video of the trek, must watch.

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