Meet The Heroes Of Yesterday’s MB Hospital Fire Accident

A fire broke out in the cancer ward of the MB Hospital, Udaipur yesterday(Tuesday) in the morning at around 11:40 am, it was an intense fire for which three fire brigades reached the spot, more than 75 glasses, 5 doors, and 3 grills were broken to rescue people. There were 15 patients, nursing staff, and resident doctors present in the ward at the time of fire. Amidst the chaos, there were few heroes who helped to rescue the patients without caring about their life, Dr. CP Mudgal, home guards Jai Singh and Chanda Solanki carried out the rescue just with a handkerchief on the mouth. They selflessly rescued many patients without caring for their own life. Homeguard Jai Singh even hanged to a wall to rescue patients.

Dr.CP Mudgal(Left) Homeguards Jai Singh & Chanda Solanki(Right)
Homeguard Jai Singh Rescuing the patients while hanging from the wall

We salute the efforts of such heroes and they should be honored for their contribution. Every citizen must take inspiration and come up for help in case of emergency.