Amarchandiya Lake |Best Weekend Gateway Around Udaipur

amarchandiya lake
Amarchandiya Lake

Udaipur is worldwide known for its lakes, there are around 7 prominent lakes located mostly in the Udaipur city but Amarchandiya lake is situated at a peaceful location around 30 kms from the city if you are looking to do a weekend outing this lake can be a perfect weekend gateway. Situated on the Udaipur-Kumbhalgarh highway(refer map ) this historic lake offers picturesque natural view and beauty, to add to the fun this place also offers amazing adventures as this place is given on contract to a private contractor with the name vayam adventures.
The various adventures that are offered are:

  1. Boating
  2. Lakeside Camping
  3. trekking
  4. canoeing
  5. Bonfire

Here are some pictures of the activities that can be done(pictures are from vayam adventures):

Lakeside Camping Between Mountains at Amarchandiya Lake
Night Camping at Amarchandiya Lake
boating amarchandiya lake
Boating at Amarchandiya Lake

History of Amarchandiya Lake:

Amarchandiya lake is named after the visionary prime minister of Mewar Amarchand Ji Badwa(Sanadhya). Not many know about Amarchand ji Badwa, he has greatly contributed to the welfare of Mewar. He acted as the commander of the Mewar army and saved Mewar from Marathas attack. He has built many projects of importance like ‘tripolia gate’, ‘the 12 pol(gates)’, ‘ the city walls (parkota)’ to protect the city, ‘ bagore ki haveli’, and various other projects in Udaipur.

Thakur Amarchand Badwa built this lake during the reign of Maharana Pratap 2 in the year 1753, this lake was built for the welfare of the people. The boundary of this lake was built during the reign of Maharana Raj singh2(1754-61), Thakur Amarchand Badwa built the boundary in Pichola lake style to provide more strength to the lake bank. This lake is an exemplary example of Mewar’s civil architecture. Post-independence Indian govt renovated two canals 2.5 and 1.62 km wide to make the water reach directly into the agricultural fields, in 2018 kathar sarpanch Mrs Sushila Bhopal Singh Mojawat built 65 mt long wall and did the beautification of the lake and pal. Every year on hariyali amavasya a fair is organized in the memory of Thakur Amarchand Ji Badwa.

To know more about Thakur Amarchand Badwa Click Here

How to reach Amarchandiya Lake?

Amarchandiya lake is located on the Udaipur- Kumbhalgarh route, you will need to take a hilly diversion from the main road , just follow the map below and you don’t have to worry about anything.

Here’s the vlog of Amarchandiya Lake, watch it to take a virtual tour of this amazing destination: