Exploring Alsigarh| A Less visited heaven near Udaipur

Exploring places is so much fun and these days I am too much into exploring some offbeat locations around Udaipur, in this blog I will be talking about my recent trip to one of the peaceful, less visited, and picturesque locations of Udaipur which is Alsigarh situated 30 km from Udaipur and located on the same route as ‘Rayta’ which I covered in my last trip.

In this blog you will find:

  1. Route: How to reach

2. Tips: Things to carry, the best time to visit etc

3. Things to do: what to see

4:Detailed video of the whole trip

Alsigarh Lake View

Alsigarh is a small village located approximately 30 km, this place is bestowed with stunning beauty, there are grass covered hills, serene lake with Island rocks, anicut, and waterfall. If you are someone who loves to explore offbeat places, who is a nature lover and looking for peace this is the must-visit place for you, I would call it ‘Ladakh Of Udaipur’. The route is also a bikers paradise, you will get smooth highway, rocky offroads, village roads, and narrow roads passing through the green hills.

How to reach Alsigarh

There are multiple routes that lead to Alsigarh but the best route is undoubtedly via Balicha, the broad smooth highway that would comfortably take you to Alsigarh. I started off from the Fatehpura circle, my route was Fatehpura-Sukhadia Circle-Delhigate-Surajpol-Udiyapol-Balicha-Alsigarh-Rayta-Udaipur. If you are a tourist staying in old Udaipur city your nearest point would be Surajpol choraha.

If you are staying in and around mallatalai area then the Rampura choraha- jhadol route will be convenient for you but the road condition is very bad.

Here’s the map which you  can refer

Things to do in Alsigarh:

There are various locations you can visit in Alsigarh, I have classified these locations as location1, location2, location3, Location4, and Location5.

Location 1: Lake

To see the first location take the left cemented narrow road, there is a pink colored building (suchna kendra) which is the landmark. After going some distance on the cemented road you will find the lake with small island hills, at this point you can go near the lake shore and relax, click photos.

Location 2: Hills and Lake full view

alsigarh lake view
Alsigarh lake full view

There is a rocky path which further leads to the mesmerizing view of the lakes and the hills, you will need to park your vehicle down a little hill and walk few distances towards the top of the hill, reaching this point the mindblowing view of the lake unveils, to enjoy the serenity of the lake you will need to go near the lake. The water is so pristine, the sound made by water and the wind feels so satisfying, this place gave me the feel of Pangong lake of Ladakh. You can just sit at this place dipping your legs in water and enjoy the nature, you wont feel like leaving this place.

Location 3: Turtle Hill

There is a turtle shaped hill which is visible from location 2, but there is no way to get onto that hill as it is covered by water from all sides.

Location 4: Dam

alsigarh lake view
Alsigarh lake full view

Dam is another amazing location, to get to the dam just come back to the suchna kendra through the same cemented road and proceed towards left, after going ahead few metres you will se a path toward left, after a bumpy ride you will reach this location.at this location there is no water falling or touching the dam but this point gives you a top view of the alsigarh lake. Here you can click pictures, selfies, make reels too.

Location 5: Waterfall

Alsigarh Waterfall

Come back again to the main road and proceed towards left after traveling around 4 km you will find this location on a plain road. Park your vehicle, get down, after walking few steps you will see the eye-catching view of the waterfall. To get down to the waterfall you will need to climb down a rocky path, be careful while you go down. After going down the view is so cheerful, there are streams of water flowing and the main attraction is waterfall, the depth below the waterfall is uneven so if you know swimming then only plan to bath.

You can find the Alsigarh route map below :

Alsigarh Complete Video

Complete Video of Alsigarh Tour

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