Beware!Two incidents of ‘Lightening Strikes’ so far in & around Udaipur , 4 Killed

Whole world is faced with corona pandemic, in Udaipur we are dealing with the corona pandemic but it seems this pandemic isn’t enough so we are faced with another problem of ‘Lightening'(Bijli), so far two incidents of ‘Lightening Strike’ happened in the city. In these incidents the lightening struck directly the people taking away their lives.

First Incident

The first ‘Lightening Strike’ happened in Kundeshwar Mahadev on 23rd August 2020 ,Kundeshwar Mahadev is a popular picnic spot near Udaipur. The victims were 3 men who went there for picninc, the lightening struck them and they lost their life immediately.

kundeshwar mahadev lightening
One of the victim of lightening at kundeshwar Mahadev,Udaipur

Second Incident

55 Year Old Victim

The second incident occurred in kesarpura area in eklingpura of Udaipur under Savina police station, in this incident the lightening killed a 55 year old named Prithvi Raj Patel who was passing by the ‘Madri Bridge’ with his cattle.

The lightening strike incidents have increased in many parts recently. You can read why these lightening incidents are increasing by clicking “here”, God isn’t happy with us it seems, it’s better to be safe and stay home if possible.