Udaisagar Lake |A Less Visited Peaceful Lake In Udaipur

Udaipur is internationally popular as the City of Lakes thanks to the historic lakes passed on as a legacy by the visionary Maharanas(King) of the bygone era. There are around seven prominent lakes in Udaipur and among them, the most popular lakes are Fatehsagar Lake and Pichola Lake, these lakes are frequently visited by both locals and tourists, the reason for being the people’s attraction is the location of these lakes, these lakes are situated in the main city area and are easily accessible. Udaisagar Lake on the other hand is a serene lake situated in the outskirts away from the city hustle & bustle.

Udaisagar Lake is built by Maharana Udai Singh II in the year 1565 and this lake was built to cater to the water related needs of the people of Udaipur. This lake was built by building a dam on Berach river. The lake is approximately 4 km in length and 2.5 kms in width. The lake provides a mesmerizing view due to its existence amidst the nature, there are mountains as a backdrop of the lake which makes the view spectacular

Beauty Of The Udaisagar Lake

Panoramic View Of Udaisagar Lake

The Lake is bestowed with abundant beauty, when you reach the Lake you will find a well maintained Garden which has some food item and shopping item vendors at the start, after walking some distance the whole mesmerizing view get unveils, there is a ‘pal’ with railing and past that is the panoramic view of the Lake. The peace coupled with the chirping of birds gives utmost satisfaction, you can stroll on the long ‘pal’ or sit on the benches installed and enjoy the lake view.

When you further take a walk ahead you see the mesmerizing greenery all around, the green mountains topped with the yellow grass just stuns the viewers.

udaisagar lake
The Mesmerising Beauty Around Udaisagar

And the cherry on the cake is the Waterfall which you would find only in the monsoon after the Udaisagar Lake gets filled. An overflowing Udaisagar looks like this(Refer Video at the end):

Udaisagar Overflow

Water Supply & river network

The origin of water happens from the eastern hills which fills madar lake , water flows from madar and makes Ayad river after passing through bedla anicut, ayad river then ends up into Udaisagar. The overflowing Udaisagar merge into the Berach river.(watch video)

The Triveni Sangam

The berach river continues to meet other two river, menali and banas at Bigod in Bhilwara District. The meeting place is called triveni sangam and the place is considered holy by the people, this place is also reffered as mini pushkar.

Maharana Pratap Connection

maharana Pratap refusal to Akbar
Maharana Pratap Presented With The Proposal To Surrender

Udaisagar Lake also has a connection with Maharana Pratap, when Akbar sent Maan Singh, king of Amer which is now Jaipur to Maharana Pratap with the proposal of surrendering to the Mughal empire, Maharana Pratap invited Maan Singh to a royal dinner at Udaisagar lake on the day of the meeting, but in that dinner, Maharana Pratap didn’t come and sent his son Kunwar Amar Singh, Maan Singh understood that Maharana Pratap isn’t interested in the proposal, the other nobles present in the dinner also mocked Maan Singh due to which Maan Singh felt insulted and left the dinner. This incident commenced the beginning of the fierce battle of Haldighati.

How To Reach Udaisagar Lake

Don’t Use Google in this case, it will lead you to opposite side of the ‘Pal'(the main spot), refer the map given in the end.

You can reach Udaisagar Lake by adopting the following route, ypu can also refer to video or map given below:

1.Reach Pratapnagar Choraha(ask anyone)

2. Adopt the debari-chittorgarh highway

3.Keep driving straight till you reach ‘Zinc Choraha’ (a diversion which leads to Hindustan Zinc) , this diversion leads you all the way to the lake. Refer the video below for more detailed route.

Complete Video Tour Of Udaisagar Lake

Google Showing The opposite Side Of The Lake, you shudn’t follow, refer this map below as you only need to get to the Pal: