BJP’s G S Tak, an engineer becomes the new mayor of Udaipur

Udaipur finally got its new Mayor and he is Govind Singh Tak from Bhartiya Janta Party, Mr. G.S. Tak received 46 votes and won against Mr. Arun Tak of Congress. Mr. G.S. tak is a highly experienced person, he is past 70 years of age and had served as chief engineer PWD and former chairman RPSC.

It’s the 6th time BJP formed the board with Mayor of their own party, Congress Mayor candidate Mr. Arun Tak received 20 votes. BJP safeguarded their ‘Parshads’ in three different resorts to avoid any kind of horse trading, all candidates were asked to stay away from any kind of media.

We just hope Mr. Tak will implement his knowledge and experience to transform Udaipur making it a world class city both for travelers and residents. We congratulate him and wish him all the best.