Cyclone Ockhi on its way to Gujrat, Udaipur’s next 2 days weather to be impacted

There has been a sudden transition in Udaipur’s weather since few days, the cloudy weather combined with cold winds has increased the intensity of winters and the change is all due to the cyclone ockhi, which originated towards north near Sri Lanka on 29th November 2017.After causing damages to property and life on Sri Lanka, Ockhi headed towards Lakshwadeep and mainland India which now has reached Mumbai and will continue to travel till Gujrat affecting the coastal areas and areas attached.The cyclone has impacted Udaipur’s weather and would continue to do so as it approaches Gujrat as Udaipur being in proximity to Gujrat.The next couple of days in Udaipur are going to be cloudy and there is the possibility of light showers too.The cyclone said to get weaker and end after reaching Gujrat.

so take precautions in this weather, drive slowly as the roads are slippery in the city due to rain and stay safe.

Info Source-Wikipedia