Horrifying incident,Bangladeshi laborer hacked to Death and burnt in Rajsamand

In a horrifying incident, a Bangladeshi laborer named Ifrazul was brutally killed by the accused Shambhu Lal Regar who is a resident of Rajsamand, Rajasthan.Ifrazul was repeatedly beaten by ‘Geti’ (a farming tool) and when he was down with the injuries the accused burned him by pouring a bottle of petrol.The whole incident was recorded and posted on social media from where it went viral.Accused Shambhu Lal posted on social media that he will surrender in a temple.In the murder video, Shambhu Lal is seen giving a hate speech mentioning ‘Love Jihad’.

Home Minister Gulab Chandra Kataria said that the accused has been arrested.

The incident has put the humanity to shame, how the hatred has taken over the humanity of some over possessive individuals. There should be more acts of kindness and hatred should be completely thrown off from the hearts of every human being but these incidents shake the faith in humanity time and again. Let us contribute in every way possible to make this earth a beautiful place by spreading kindness and not get provoked or indulge in any act of hatred.

Here’s the Video of the brutal act.(Video source NDTV)