Hills are catching fire frequently around Udaipur, plants and creatures dying

Fire Udaipur hill

As the temperature of the city climbed the phenomenon of fire on hills started in Udaipur, past 18 days more than 10 hills reported to have caught the fire.The intensity of the fire is found to be high in all the cases.It isn’t clear if the fire occurred naturally or it’s a deliberate human attempt but this fire have turned many plants, herbs, insects, bird’s nests, and reptiles into ashes.As per the experts the four-legged animals are capable of running to other areas in case of fire but the reptiles and small insects cannot run fast thus get stuck in the fire and dies a painful death, thing to note is the hills around Udaipur are home to various species like snake, python, monitor lizards, rabbits, mongoose, honey badger, hedgehog etc. These hills are also home to many species of birds like eagle, owl, crane, partridge(titar) etc.Last year in an inspection of Baghdara nature park fire many burnt skeletons of Monkeys and various small creatures were found.

Fire on hills is an alarming situation and Udaipur administration still don’t have any measures to deal with it, last year army helicopters were used to take control of hill fire which was still accomplished the sloppy way in which the water was first lifted from Fateh Sagar lake and then poured on the hills. There is a great need for firefighting choppers which can quickly take control over the mountain fire. Hope the administration takes note of the gravity of the situation and take stringent measures.