Udaipur & Mumbai Airports create flight handling record, thanks to Ambani’s Wedding

There had been a lot of hustle in the city of lakes Udaipur due to the grand wedding of Mr. Mukesh Ambani’s daughter, who knew the wedding will also result in historic records. Since many celebrity guests were invited from all over the world there was huge air traffic which led to a lot of flight movement and this led to record handling of flight, Udaipur airport handled around 200+ flight in a single day, most of which were chartered planes and Mumbai handled a whopping 1007 flights in a single day beating its own record of 1003 made in June 2016.

It’s interesting to note that on normal days Udaipur airport handles around 20 flights but in the last 3 days they handled 300+ flights due to Isha Ambani’s wedding.In addition to charter planes, Ambani Family had booked additional commercial airlines for the guests.

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