Two Udaipur Youngsters found INR 6.25 Lakhs on Road,Hands it over to police

Today when everyone in the world has a negative take on ‘honesty present’ in the world some incidents work to restore the lost trust in the honesty. Yuvraj Singh and Raj Singh Rathore from Udaipur have done the same by displaying the honesty and humanity in a typical situation in which they found Rupees 6.25 Lakhs cash currency stapled in polythene. Yuvraj Singh resident of VIP colony was returning to his home from Sevashram with his friend Raj Singh Rathore suddenly they saw a white polythene lying near the divider on the main road just ahead of the Menariya Guest House, they picked the polythene and asked people nearby but didn’t get any clue about the owner, at last they reached police station where they opened the polythene and found a cash worth 6 lakhs 24 thousand and 500 rupees.The amount was seized by the police under 102 CRPC act. Coincidently Yuvraj Singh is the son of Anti-corruption bureau’s additional police commissioner Mr.Surendra Singh Bhati. According to the sources the amount belonged to an employee from whom the polythene fell out from the bag. The honesty certainly saved an employee from any kind of suspicion and investigation.
The world be a lot better place if we have people like Yuvraj Singh and Raj Singh Rathore in the majority.If you have any such proud story from Udaipur mail us or message us on Facebook.