A Pet Owner in Udaipur posted pet’s Marriage ad on FB and it’s just so cute

Many of us are fond of pets and we treat it as an inseparable part of the family. Some pet owners show some extremely loving gestures towards these mute creatures which are overloaded with cuteness and attracts everyone’s attention just like that a unique marriage ad over Facebook caught our attention as it was the marriage ad proposal of a Male Dog ‘Juno Bolia’ by the owner Mr.Paras Bolia who posted the requirement of a ‘Romantic bride for the most eligible bachelor in town’ on his Facebook profile.He posted the ad poster with a caption “WANTED BRIDE FOR MOST ROMANTIC BACHELOR IN TOWN”

You have to see the ad…

dog in udaipur

dog udaipur

The ad poster looks so perfect with ‘Juno Bolia’s’ front pose at the top, the name with a surname written in some extremely creative fonts and the language written as if the ad is referring to a person which makes it look cute as well as humorous at the same time.

The ad was also posted in a local Facebook group ‘Udaipurwale’ and quickly got one ‘Rishta’ of a beautiful bride too. Have a look at the beautiful ‘Bahu’ in comments 😉

dogs udaipur

If you have or know a suitable bride and interested in this ‘Rishta’ you can contact on the details given in the Ad.We wish all the luck to Juno, may he get a beautiful, slim, and well-mannered blonde ‘Bahurani’ who takes care of him and the whole family as well 🙂

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