This 8th Std Girl Superbly Recited Poem on Panna Dhai, Goes Viral!

‘Panna Dhai’ holds a significant place in the history of Mewar, the selfless sacrifice of ‘Panna Dhai’ to the Mewar will be remembered till the eternity. One video of a schoolgirl has been doing the rounds of internet in which she is reciting a poem of bravery in the honor of brave Panna Dhai. Her style of reciting the poem is so perfect that it matches the brave genre of the poem and the listeners get the goosebumps. The beautiful ‘veer ras'(bravery) poem depicts the brave sacrifice of ‘Panna Dhai’.

The viral poem was sung by Neha Vaishnav, an 8th standard girl from Government Kasturba Gandhi School, Railmagra, Rajsamand. She recited the poem in a recitation competition held in Bhikha Bai Varishth Upadhyay School, Sagwara, Dungarpur. The poem was sung with so much energy and enthusiasm that it went viral within no time. The video spread quickly to all the major social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram etc.Watch the video of the beautiful poem below.

Panna Dhai’s Sacrifice

Banbir, a paternal cousin of Udai Singh II had ambitions to access the throne, in the greed of the throne he went on to kill Udai Singh II. When Panna Dhai(nursemaid to Udai Singh II) came to know about Banbir’s intention, she replaced the sleeping Udai singh with her own Son, who was also asleep. She smuggled the Udai Singh into a large basket nearby the fort. When Banbir arrived, he killed the sleeping ‘Chandan'(son of Panna Dhai) thinking him to be Udai Singh thus a mother ‘Panna Dhai’ sacrificed her own Son in front of her eyes to save the future of Mewar.

Video of the poem sung by Neha Vaishnav