Udaipur cold breaks 10 years record, temperature dips to 1.8 degree

It’s been a freezing cold since few days in Udaipur and surprisingly the cold breaks the 10 year record of lowest temperature in Udaipur by dipping down to minimum 1.8 degrees on 29th December 2018.The coldness in weather has slowed the pace of the city, people are looking for Sunlight to cope up with the freezing temperature, the effect of the cold is such that it lead to ice layer formation on vehicles and fields at some places.

Refer the below pic

Ice layer formation on Car captured by Dhaval Bawaliya

Refer the winter meme explaining the weather in Udaipur

The lowest temperature in Udaipur was -1.1 degrees in 12th January 1989.It is anticipated that this new year and days following will see lot of cold and fog so plan your New Year accordingly.