Know how Bhilwara Sets An Example,Fights Back With 22 of 27 cured Corona patients

‘Bhilwara’ a small textile hub district in Udaipur hit the headlines when the series of corona cases erupted in the city making it the epicenter of the corona pandemic in Rajasthan, but after that this textile hub fought back with right measures flattening the corona cases curve. There are no new cases till 7th April 2020, out of 27 patients 15 have completely recovered and sent home, 7 turned positive to negative, 2 died, now just 3 positive cases remain. Bhilwara sets a great example in front of the whole world with superpower countries. CM Ashok Gehlot has expressed about applying the ‘Bhilwara Model’ to the whole state.

How Bhilwara Did it?

  • The man behind the Bhilwara’s epic come back is the district collector Mr. Rajendra Bhatt who completely sealed the Bhilwara borders by making 20 check-posts without waiting for orders from the state government.
Mr. Rajaedra Bhatt, Collector Bhilwara
  • Proper distribution of essential supplies was planned to ensure complete lockdown
  • Bangar Hospital which was the epicenter of corona spread in Bhilwara, people were traced who visited this hospital and the list of those people was submitted to the respective district collectors.
  • 6 thousand teams formed to screen 25 Lakh people,1215 people were home quarantined, 1000 suspect cases were isolated in 20 hotels.
  • Nagar Parishad was given the responsibility of sanitizing all 55 wards 2 times a day
  • Imposed 11 days maha curfew after the 14 days curfew.
  • The duty of the doctors rotated every 7 days, after 7 days they were sent for 14 days quarantine, out of 69 doctor samples not a single found positive.

Now the district has managed to flatten the curve with no new cases reporting which is a great achievement, we hope the ‘Bhilwara Model’ gets implemented everywhere and be able to win over the global pandemic.