There is a ‘fly’ painted on the Urinals at Udaipur Airport and the purpose is really strange

Human mind has unlimited capabilities but on the contrary it’s also very easy to trick it in some situations.We might have used the urinals many times at the ‘Udaipur Airport’ or any other airport and have spotted a ‘fly’ at the drainage point but very few of us spare a thought about the ‘fly’ in those few second of our siphoning and yes!it’s totally normal to do that because we are there for the sole purpose of urinating and not observing the minute details, forget thinking about the purpose of that ‘fly’, we don’t even realize the fact that it’s a ‘fake’ fly painted on the urinals in spite of the fact that it was unmoved even after the continuous use of the ‘water cannon’ at it 😉

fake fly in Urinals

‘Fly’ painted at urinals at Udaipur Airport

The point of the ‘Fake’ fly was highlighted through a tweet by a user :

The Purpose of Painting the ‘Fly’

Gamification is an apt word which means use of ‘game thinking’ in Non-game context to engage users in solving a problem and here the ‘fly’ is painted to make the users aim at the right point to avoid ‘Urine spillage’ thus helping in maintaining cleanliness of the washrooms and also the involved maintenance cost.This measure can be seen at airports of many cities and countries of the world like JKF Airport New York, Schiphol Airport in Amsredam, Moscow, Singapore etc.The whole idea is based on the ‘deep seated instinct’ of men to ‘Aim’.

“When flies were introduced at Schiphol Airport, spillage rates dropped 80 percent”, says manager Aad Keiboom. A change like that, of course, translates into major savings in maintenance costs.

This ingenious idea is not new. it was proposed 20 years ago by Dutch maintenance man Jos Van Bedoff, who had served in the Dutch army in the 1960s. As a soldier once he noticed that some small red dots in the barrack’s urinals, which dramatically cut back on “misdirected flow.”

Two decades later, he proposed to the airport board of directors that the dots be turned into etched flies. According to Keiboom, Van Bedoff decided that guys want to directly aim at an animal they can immobilize. The ability to use one’s natural gifts and achieve victory over the foe while standing is the key, he explained.


Information source: npr,twitter

Image Soure:Ravi Handa


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