Deliberate mismanagement at Udaipur airport exit for parking charges

There has been a lot of complaints regarding the issue of parking at airports, as a rule, there is a prescribed window timing(8 mins at Udaipur Airport) to pick and drop the passengers, if you pick and drop in the given window time you need not pay any parking charges if you exceed that time then the parking charges are levied. A coupon is provided at the time of parking which includes the exact time and during exit, the exact window timing is ascertained.A recent matter pertaining to malpractices and extortion at Udaipur airport brought into the light by one of the consumers over Facebook, in his post he highlighted the malpractices going on at the airport.In his post, he has written that the window timing for parking at Udaipur Airport is 8 minutes which is sufficient to pick and drop the passenger but due to the deliberate mismanagement at the parking, the time exceeds at the exit and as a result, he had to pay the parking charge of 55 Rupees.He mentioned that there are 3-4 lines of the vehicle get formed for exit and the scene get messy and confusing, it becomes difficult to judge the right line, people fight to get into the right line and this whole thing consumes the whole time window of 8 minutes resulting in the consumer paying the fine at the exit.He objected to this mismanagement but the staff there misbehaved with him, he recorded the video of the conversation. The same matter was reported by the same person 3 years back to the Airport Authority of India and got a written apology too but still, this malpractice continues.

This is the original post on Facebook.

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