This furniture eStore donated multi-utility benches to rural schools of Rajasthan

An online furniture store  identified the problem of ‘stooping back’ of village students due to lack of furniture and launched ‘The Backbone Of India’, a CSR initiative.

In the rural pockets of the state of Rajasthan, the sands shift with the imprints of the mighty kings that left this great land as a heritage for us, to lead it forward on the path of progress. While the unforgiving Thar keeps the lives in check, the progress has been made, especially in the field of education. But how far have we come?


The Condition So Far

Various primary schools have opened in the state, focusing on providing quality education to the would-be leaders of our nation. But, with poverty knocking on the doors, access to a higher quality of living and education is not easy. In the majority of cases, children either cannot afford to go to schools, or they don’t have access to proper infrastructure for a better learning environment.

While a tin roof or a tree canopy can provide an ad-hoc shelter to these kids, they are still reliant on rugs to sit, which are spread across dusty floors or on the bare ground. While this may go unnoticed, it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Sitting on unkempt rugs opens them up to a host of problems, especially when they eat their lunch while sitting down on them. But that’s not it, the major problem arises when they stoop forward to read, write and study in the classrooms. Stooping causes the backbone to become malformed over time, resulting in backaches, neck strains, abnormal bone growths, and can even result in poor eyesight, if left unchecked. Conditions which are not worthy of the successors of the mighty rulers from the annals of this state.


The Initiative

Wooden Street, a premium custom furniture house of India, saw this state in which the Backbone of the nation studies in, and decided to bring about a change. It decided to support the backbone of this nation.

The creative minds of Wooden Street churned hard, and came out with an innovative design that not only served the purpose of a bench, but could also be turned into a table flanked with seats. In this way, the students will have access to sit erect and be attentive in classes, engaging regularly with their teachers, and will also have a table for various activities, like arts and crafts, and for having lunch.

Watch the video to have a look at the initiative.

The Outcome

Wooden Street donated these benches to various primary schools in the rural areas of Rajasthan, thus bringing an ergonomic solution to help support the backs of the future leaders of this nation. Now, around two thousand children actively engage with these benches in one way or another, which has changed their lifestyle considerably. The smiles etched on the young faces is the sole statement of the success of this initiative. Because education, and the environment it is delivered in, should not come at any cost.`

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