Fatehsagar Lake Udaipur|Interesting Facts|Things to do

Solar Observatory Fatehsagar

Solar Observatory Fatehsagar

Fatehsagar is the coolest place to hang out in Udaipur, the azure lake surrounded by the Aravalli with cool breeze rocking your hairs makes it the most loved destination of the locals and the tourists. The historic  lake was built by Maharana Jai Singh ji in the year 1687 but 200 years later the earthen embankments got washed away due to flood then Maharana Fateh Singh Ji in 1889 built a dam named ‘Connaught Dam’ at Lake Dewali in the honor of the visit of the Duke of Connaught, queen victoria’s son.The construction of the Dam resulted in the expansion of the lake area and thus it was later named as Fatehsagar after the name of Maharana Fateh Singhji.

How to reach Fatehsagar Lake

There are mainly three ways from the city that leads to different ends of the Fatehsagar Lake, it is almost the center of the Udaipur city. You can reach through the ‘Dewali’ side in which a straight road from ‘Fatehpura Chauraha’ leads all the way to the beautiful lake, another way is through ‘UIT’ circle which leads directly to the Dam or Gate area of Fatehsagar Lake, and the third way is through Swaroop Sagar bridge which emerges from the Chetak circle.

If you are coming from the old city adopt Swaroop Sagar bridge route, the lake is hardly 3-4 km from there, you can take a photo walk. You can catch this route via Chandpole bridge connecting to the main road, just take left after reaching the main road, if you are anywhere around ‘Saheliyon Ki Baadi’/Garden of Maidens you can adopt Dewali route or UIT circle route, in both the routes the road leads all the way to the Lake.

Things to do at Fatehsagar in the order of priority

1.Enjoy the beauty of the serene lake while sipping the ‘Frothy Kullad Coffee’ with your loved ones sitting at the ‘Fatehsagar Pal’ (Lakeside Boundary) and ‘Bombay Bazaar Fatehsagar’.

Kullad Coffee Fatehsagar

Kullad Coffee Fatehsagar

2.Take an evening or morning walk on the ‘Fatehsagar Pal’ and admire the beauty of the lake.Witness the mesmerizing Sunset at Fatehsagar.

Fatehsagar Lake

Evening View at Fatehsagar pic-Abdul Hamid Sheikh Rizvi(Udaipurbeats)


Fatehsagar Udaipur

Night view of Fatehsagar Pal Udaipur

3.Boating in the lake and some water sports like speedboat and water scooter

4.Watch the Lake overflowing the dam in case you visit during the Monsoon and are lucky enough

Fatehsagar Overflowing

Fatehsagar Overflowing Year 2017

5.Visit Nehru Garden which is an Island park amidst the lake, the to and fro journey happens on a boat

6.If you are a street foodie you can have the famous ‘Bread Pakoda’ with tea or Kullad Coffee.

Bread Pakoda

Bread Pakoda Fatehsagar

7.See the beautiful fishes of more than 100 species at India’s largest fish aquarium ‘Under the Sun’ located at ‘Fatehsagar’.

8.Visit Rajiv Gandhi Park located on Rani Road.

9.Watch Sunrise and do the bird watching, yoga, exercise at the open gym situated on the Rani Road, in front of Rajiv Gandhi Garden (free entry)

Sunrise at Fatehsagar

Sunrise at Fatehsagar

10.Drive/Ride up to ‘Moti Magri’ to see the bronze statue of Maharana Pratap riding on Chetak, you will also see the mesmerizing view of the Udaipur city especially the top view of the Fateh Sagar lake from the garden located at ‘Moti Magri’.The sunset from the Moti Magri is truly amazing.

Maharana Pratap Statue Moti Magri

Maharana Pratap Statue,Moti Magri

Fatehsagar Lake

View of the Fateh Sagar lake from ‘Moti Magri’.The hill on the other end has Neemach Mata temple at the top

11.Trek to Neemuch Mata temple situated on the ‘Dewali Side’, It has a well built ramped path to the temple and it’s approximately 1 km of trekking.From the temple, you will see the best view of the ‘Fatehsagar Lake’.

Udaipurbeats Tip

The best time to visit Fatehsagar are evening hours.Fitness freaks and peace seekers can visit early morning 5-7 am.The view of the lake is divine in monsoon when you see the mountains covered with clouds and have a sip of kullad coffee while it’s raining.

Fatehsagar Lake in Monsoon

View of Fatehsagar Lake in Monsoon





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