Delhi government to take over 449 private schools charging high fees against rules

In a first-ever measure to control the illegitimate charging of fees by private schools, Delhi government got a green signal from the lieutenant governor of Delhi Mr.Anil Baijal to take over the management of 449 private schools who are illegitimately charging high fees ignoring all government guidelines and rules.The listed schools had hiked the fees citing the 6th pay commission hike as the reason later Justice Anil Dev Singh Committee declared the hike illegitimate asking the schools to return the additional fee hike.There are big school brands in the list.The listed schools have two option either return the additional fees charged or appeal to the highest court.

The uncontrolled fee-charging by private schools is a major problem of every state, parents are distressed but don’t speak thinking about their child’s future.

In Rajasthan

There was a law passed in October 2013 to decide the fees of private schools, a committee was formed under retired justice Shiv Kumar Sharma, around 35000 schools were under the scanner.The fees of 10000 schools were also decided but the matter reached the court.The new government brought new rule in 2016, got it passed in ‘Vidhansabha’ according to which instead of deciding the fee forming the committee in each school was proposed with teachers, parents, and school management as members of the committee.No committee is formed in the schools and the illegitimate fee-charging is continue.

This decision may influence other states to regulate fee of private schools to lighten the burden on parents and make quality education accessible to the majority of children.


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