In a heroic act Udaipur SP chase down eve teasers and teach them a lifetime lesson

Eve teasers exist everywhere but people opposing them don’t.Udaipur SP Mr. Rajendra Goyal sets a classic example of voicing against eve teasing and protecting women of our society.The incident happened at around 11 pm on Thursday when Mr. Goyal was driving towards chetak circle where ahead of him he saw three eve teasers in a swift car overtaking 2 girls riding a scooty while passing lewd remarks, after doing so they fled.Mr. Goyal immediately informed the concerned area police station over the wireless and the road ahead was immediately blocked.Mr.Goyal chased the swift car, the swift car with eve teasers inside stopped at the chetak circle due to police blockade and Mr. Goyal caught them, pulled out of the car and thrashed them.He got them arrested and the car was seized.Many people gathered around to witness the incident and they all applauded this heroic act of Mr. Rajendra Goyal.The victim girls also stopped seeing the police action and told that the eve teasers were stalking them from Fatehsagar.

This is a great move by the city SP as it will likely to deter others from doing such act, it also sends across an important message  that if we the common people don’t be a mere spectator and raise voice against eve-teasing and harassment of every women then no one would dare to do such acts, after all protecting women is not the responsibility of just the police.