National Anthem no more mandatory in Cinema Halls, says Supreme Court

The supreme court reversing its order issued in November 2016 said playing the national anthem before the screening of a movie in cinemas is not mandatory anymore.As per court now the decision of playing the National Anthem in cinema halls lies totally at the discretion of the cinema hall’s owner.The court took the decision after the guidelines from the center to put on hold its ‘November 2016’ order of making the national anthem mandatory before the screening of the Movie.

“The interim order passed on November 30, 2016 is modified that playing of the national anthem prior to screening of a film is not mandatory or directory,” a bench headed by Chief Justice Dipak Misra said.States like Maharashtra who ruled out orders of playing the National Anthem before supreme courts 2016 ruling, such orders would stand says the experts.

It is to be seen how the cinema hall operators in Udaipur decide upon playing the National Anthem after this ruling, there are arguments against the playing of National Anthem prior movie that people go to movie for entertainment and relaxation and in that mood, one cannot impose any kind of rule which is a valid argument but if we see from different perspective it gives us the chance to listen and recite our National Anthem which we did last in our school days and we would never do it otherwise, there is also a possibility of forgetting the National Anthem if we don’t sing it for years so sparing some comfort and minutes towards the National Anthem doesn’t hurt.However, this depends on the individual to individual and everyone’s perspective should be respected.

News Source-Hindustantimes