Quirky Whatsapp Messages you find in every Udaipur Whatsapp groups

Whatsapp is now a part of our day to day life and being a member of WhatsApp groups is inevitable, however being a member of Whatsapp group with members from Udaipur lets you enjoy some desi messages which keep reminding you of the groups origin, some of these messages are really quirky and spontaneous to get you a good laugh.This is also a fact that some things that are spoken in Mewadi give an amazing punch to the sentence which has exactly happened to most of these messages so here’s the list of such quirky Whatsapp messages from Udaipur Whatsapp Groups.


#1.This is positive thinking 😉

#2.The best life hack 😉


#3.And then Hindi committed suicide


#4.Factually True


#5.Basa ki Heropanti 😉


#6.This is socialization by coercion


#7. ‘Repta’ a higher degree of slap 😉


#8. And who can imagine Bati eating protocols

Daal Baati


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