Top 15 Things to do in Udaipur [Updated Must do list]

Udaipur has been constantly scoring as a major International tourist destination situated in the ‘Land of Rulers’ Rajasthan. The eternal legacy of the royal rulers, the incredible natural beauty bestowed in the form of Aravalli ranges and azure lakes pulls a lot of tourists and travelers from around the globe. The city is getting more and more attractive with time to lure tourists and travel freaks. There are lots of attractions in the city which lets you experience the unforgettable charm this city has. We have made a list of ‘things to do in Udaipur’ to make it easier for you to explore the city completely so that you don’t find yourself in a quandary of ‘do or skip’. So if you visit Udaipur you must do things mentioned below, the things are mentioned in the order of priority starting from Highest. However, the list involves only must-do attractions and priority may differ from person to person but in case you are caught in a time catch then you can go for top listed locations.

1.Visit Karnimata via Ropeway

Lake palce Udaipur view from Karnimata

View of Lake Palace from Karnimata

Sunset Karnimata Udaipur

Sunset at Karnimata Udaipur

Total Time Require-1.5-2 hrs min via ropeway

Entry Fee-FreeRopeway Charges- INR 103 for adults and INR 52 for children(Both ways)

You can also call it ‘Ropeway to the most scenic view’, this is undisputedly the best spot to visit in Udaipur which lets you glance at the beauty of the authentic Royal city Udaipur from the top. There are two ways to reach the temple as the temple is located on a hill so you can either climb the well-built ramp and stair path or choose a comfortable 15-minute ropeway ride. Ropeway ride is recommended as it exposes the breathtaking view of the city as you gradually ascend up. The best time to visit is in the evening before sunset. After reaching to the top visit the Karnimata temple which is towards right the temple has a single idol of the ‘Karnimata’ and then return to relax on the terrace which is towards left of ropeway and enjoy the sunset and the picturesque view of the city. From the top three lakes are visible and three palaces are visible of which two are Island palaces. You will fall in love with the changing hues of nature, the reflections of hues in the lake water, the tiny looking boats maneuvering, the scintillating Palaces floating on the water, the Aravalli ranges making the mesmerizing skyline, and the residential city.This whole view will make a great backdrop for your photos so Click as many photos and selfies you can. After or prior to Karnimata you can also enjoy at Doodh Talai which is a small lake and has a garden adjoining Pichola lake and  Manikya  Lal Verma Garden which also offers a great view of the Lake Pichola and are nearby only.

Read about this place, things to do in detail here.

Udaipurbeats tip– Stay there till it gets dark and enjoy the view of the lit up palaces and city.Must have the city View from the wall towards the temple side.

2.Witness the Royal Architecture at ‘City Palace Udaipur’

City Palace Udaipur

City Palace complex Udaipur

Time Require- 1.5 hrs Min.

Entry  Charges- INR 30(Adult), INR 15(Children), Museum Charges- INR 300(Adult)and INR 150(Children 5-18 years and students in the group), Crystal Gallery Charges- Rs 580

Guide Charges- Rs 300(Hindi) additional INR 200 for other languages, audio guides are also available.

Timings- 9 am- 5:30 pm. Last ticket sold at 4:30 pm

If you are in Udaipur then must see the royal architecture and lifestyle of the royal rulers and city palace Udaipur is the best place to see it. You will see some amazing architecture and intricate piece of art of the bygone era. There are also different museums in which you can see the attires, war equipment including Maharana Pratap’s armor, sword, and Javelin, silver artifacts of that era like lamps, pen stand, letter case etc, musical instruments of the royal era like the sitar, tabla etc. The miniature paintings and the paintings over ceiling is an amazing thing to look at. The view of the old city, the lake palace, and the Sajjangarh palace is captivating from the palace windows. You can read the detail about City Palace here.

Udaipurbeats Tip– You must Hire a guide to properly see the palace, spent at least 2 hrs inside the palace and observe the details about it.

3.Introduce yourself to the vibrant Rajasthani folk dance at Dharohar dance show, Bagore Ki Haveli

Terah Taali Dance

Girl performing terah taali dance Bagore ki haveli

Timings-7 Pm to 8 Pm

Charges- INR 90 Indians and INR 150 Foreigners

Camera Charges(Only for shoot, carrying is free)-INR 150

This is culturally the most beautiful thing you would come across in Udaipur. All the major Rajasthani folk dances like ‘Chari’, Gorbandh, Ghoomer, Terah taali, and Bhavai dance along with a fun-filled puppet show is performed at one place. An elegant host dressed in Rajasthani attires introduces you to all the dance forms in both Hindi and English languages. The traditional ambiance of ‘Bagore ki Haveli’ which used to be a Royal Mansion serves as a perfect ambiance for such performances. The dimly lit balconies and corners with vivid lights make up a great backdrop for the folk dances. It’s a must-attend show don’t miss it.Read about Bagore ki haveli in detail and have a glimpse of the whole show here

Udaipurbeats tip– If you want to shoot or click the show then do buy a camera ticket which is Rs 150

4.Interact with the lake beauty and the locals at Gangaur Ghat

Gangaur Ghat

View from the Gangaur Ghat.

Timings-Open anytime


Gangaur Ghat is just attached to Bagore ki Haveli, it’s an old ghat where ‘gangaurs’ are immersed during Gangaur festival and this tradition is happening since the Royal era that’s the reason it is known as Gangaur Ghat. The ghat offers a captivating view, with Pichola lake just in front.There are pigeons which remain on ghat to feed, you can feed and get clicked with them, you can even find the artist in traditional Rajasthani attires playing the traditional instrument Ravanhattha at the Ghat.

5.Immerse into the tranquility  at Ambrai  Ghat or Ammaji Ka Ghat

city palace Udaipur

Night view from Ambrai Ghat

This place will give you a perfect view of the Pichola lake as this ghat is surrounded by pichola lake, in the front you will see the pichola lake water with gangaur ghat, temple, houses, and the grand City palace structure in line on the other end on the right you will witness the closer view of ‘The Taj Lake Palace’ and on the back side of the ghat there is a café and the Garden which lets you see  the sunset dipping into the mountains, The Taj Lake Palace, The Jagmandir Palace, The Shiv Niwas Palace, and Karnimata temple .The luxury hotels like Udaivilas, the Leela Palace etc are also visible which further adds to the beauty of the view. The cherry on the cake comes when it gets dark, the city palace glitters like the gold and its reflection in lake water makes it divine to watch

How to reach– It is just adjoining to the popular lakeside hotel Ambrai thus called Ambrai ghat, a narrow passage just near the Ambrai hotel lead you to the Ghat.

Udaipurbeats Tip– It’s better to visit the ghat on foot or on 2 wheeler as it’s difficult for four-wheelers to pass through the congested streets and there is also parking troubles.

6.Relish drinks and food at a lakeside restaurant

Things to do in Udaipur

Dining at Lakeside Restaurant

It’s really a pleasure to dine at the lakeside, the dimly lit ambiance of the restaurants with the panoramic view of the lake is an enthralling experience. If you are a couple then you cannot have a romantic atmosphere better than this. There are many lakeside café and restaurants some of the well-known names are Ambrai restaurant, Upre, Rainbow, and Jheel ginger café.

Must try the Lal Maans in the menu if you are a Non-vegetarian food lover.It’s a traditional mutton curry recipe of Rajasthan that originated during the kingly era in Rajasthan where the dish was prepared with the dear or wild boar meat with the addition of yogurt, spices and lots of red chilies. Now tender mutton is used instead of wild mutton but the spiciness of the Lal Maas is still intact.’Lal Maas’ is eaten with wheat bread(chapati).

7.Do a boat cruise on Lake Pichola and visit Jagmandir Palace

Boat cruise Pichola lake

Charges and timings= 10 am to 2 pm-INR 400 per person, INR 200 for children, 3 pm till sunset=Rs 750 per person

Cruising on the Lake Pichola is an unforgettable experience, you get to see the palaces closely and do the tour of the whole lake.This also gives you the chance to visit the ‘Jagmandir Island Palace’ the place where Ketty perry got marry with some  Bollywood and Hollywood movies like Octopussy also shot.All the boats stop at ‘Jagmandir Palace’.The charges for evening boat ride are almost double than morning rides.

6.Ahar Cenotaphs

Ahar Cenotaphs

Ahar Cenotaphs


Timings- No Boundation

Many tourists tend to skip this place but this place is highly recommended and especially If you have the love for the ancient architectural marvels and history. This used to be the cremation ground of the royal rulers and the courtiers, there are around 250 cenotaphs including 19 chhatris of the Maharanas who were cremated here. These cenotaphs are basically memorial monuments.This place has archaeological importance too as the Ahar civilization flourished here. The architecture of the cenotaphs is jaw-dropping, the cenotaphs are made of Marble, there is also a 10th-century Shiva temple inside.

There is an Archaeological Museum nearby which preserves the art and artifacts of ancient Ahar civilization. It is interesting to watch the artifacts which are more than thousand years old.

7.Enjoy the serenity of the  Fatehsagar Lake

Fatehsagar Lake

View of the fatehsagar lake from ‘Moti Magri’.The hill on the other end has Neemach Mata temple at the top

Best time to visit- Evening and early morning

Fatehsagar Lake is like the heartbeat of Udaipur and a hangout hub for the city youngsters and locals of every age group. Built by Maharana Fateh Singh Ji in 1889 the lake is surrounded by mountains on three side and is huge with a perimeter of around 8 km. The lake is surrounded by stone grills known as ‘Fatehsagar Pal’. You can sit on the Pal and enjoy the beauty of the Lake. Here are the things you can do at Fatehsagar.

i.Watch the Sunset

ii.Enjoy the panoramic view of the lake while sipping the Kullad Coffee which is the specialty of this place.

iii.Take a boat ride to Nehru Garden which is located in the middle of the lake.If you are fond of water sport you can do water scooter ride and speed boat.Time require is minimum 1.5 hrs.

iv.Visit the ‘Under the Sun’ aquarium which is Asia’s largest fish aquarium and see the colorful species of fishes.Time require is Minimum 1 hr.

v.Drive up to Moti Magri to see the metal statue of Maharana Pratap and Chetak, Sunset and the mesmerizing view of the Fatehsagar from different angles.

Read about Lake Fatehsagar in detail here

8.Enjoy the traditional Rajasthani food

You must taste the traditional Rajathani food like Dal bati churma, besan gatta, makka roti, papdi , chhach etc.Some of the restaurants serving best authentic Dal Baati in Udaipur are Krishna Dal Baati located on Gulab bagh road which is in the old city only.You can even head to the restaurants like ‘Aapni Dhani’ where you will get to eat authentic Rajasthani food in village Ambiance.

9.Ride all the way to the Sajjangarh fort and enjoy the Sunset.

sajjangarh/Monsoon Palace

Monsoon Palace under Rain  shower

The ticket charges as of 2017:-

Indian-Rs 50, Foreigner-Rs 200

Two wheeler-Rs 30, Four Wheeler-Rs 50

Timings: 9:30 am-6:30 pm

Time require-Minimum 2 hrs.

Monsoon palace or Sajjangarh fort is a mighty fort built by the 72nd ruler of Mewar, Maharana Sajjan Singh Ji in the year 1884 and thus got its name Sajjangarh.The view from the Monsoon Palace is bewitching as it is located at an elevation of 3100 ft., this is the highest point you would be traveling to in Udaipur so you will get the pleasure to see the three lakes, Fatehsagar, Pichola, and Swaroopsagar, lush green mountain ranges and the whole Udaipur city. The Sunset from this point is the best Sunset you will see in Udaipur. Visiting this palace in Monsoon is a bliss as you will be under clouds, the royal rulers used to watch the clouds from the fort so it is called Monsoon Palace.Maharana Sajjan Singhji intended to construct a 9 storey astronomical center but due to his untimely death Maharana Fatehsinghji completed the construction of the building keeping it limited to 3 storey. There is not much to see in the fort but the only reason to visit the fort is the view and the sunset.

You can read about this fort in detail here.

There is also a zoo in the base known as ‘Sajjangarh Biological  Park’ which has a white tiger and other wild animals like bear, antelopes etc.If you are fond of wildlife you can visit it.

How to reach

The fort is accessible from Mallatalai area.You can hire a taxi/cab(uber/ola) or rent a bike/scooter. All the vehicle can go up to the fort, there’s a well-built road and sharp curves.You can even trek the mountain on foot.

10.Do a road trip to Kumbhalgarh and Ranakpur

Kumbhalgarh wall

Kumbhalgarh’s wall

Time require-1 day minimum 2-3 hrs for Kumbhalgarh Fort, 2 days recommended

Entry Fee- INR15 Indians and INR 200 Foreigners, Light and sound show –INR 75

Fort Timings- 9 am to 6 pm, Light and Sound show timing- 7:45 pm to 8:30 pm

The road trip from Udaipur to  Kumbhalgarh and Ranakpur is one delightful experience, both the Kumbhalgarh Fort and Ranakpur temple are world famous for their Architecture, where Kumbhalgarh is a World Heritage site with world’s second largest wall after the great wall of China and Ranakpur has a magnificent Jain temple supported with 1444 beautifully carved pillars. You can first visit Kumbhalgarh which is 80km from Udaipur and then proceed to Ranakpur which is around 35 km from Kumbhalgarh.The whole round trip can be done in one day but a night stay at Kumbhalgarh is recommended as you will be able to see the mighty fort glowing under lights as well as the fabulous light and sound show in which the whole history of the fort is dictated with light effect. The story recitation happens only in the hindi language you can take help of the guide to translate it.You can read in details about the Kumbhalgarh fort here.

11.Do a photo walk in the streets of old Udaipur

Traditional Rajasthani Man

Man playing the traditional Rajasthani instrument Ravanhatha

If you are insta crazy then a photo walk is highly recommended, you will find so many great shots, the narrow streets, rustic wooden gates in the different color, turban-clad men, women in beautiful traditional attires, royal architectures, lakes, birds etc.

12.Escape the city Hustle by riding to the Tiger Lake or Badi Lake

Badi Lake trek

Morning view of the Badi Lake after trekking

Entry fee-Rs 10

Timings-9am to 7 pm

This lake is isolated from the city and offers a calm and serene view, the lake is surrounded by the mountains and offers a picturesque view.A small trek around the lake will take you to have a look at the mesmerizing top view of the lake in which you will see monster shaped hills surrounded by the water.It is a must do trek if you are visiting tiger is the detail about this trek. You can also enjoy boat ride in the lake which even has a Kashmir styled shikara.

Udaipurbeats Tip-Must hire a bike and it will be a pleasurable ride through the Fatehsagar lake, villages and mountains, if you want to ride further into nature and peace refer this link.

13.Have the traditional village Experience at Shilpgram

shilpgram Udaipur


Entry fee=INR50 and INR 20(CHILDREN)


Shilpgram is a complex with the traditional Rajasthani village ambiance. You will get to see traditional artists performing folk dance and singing folk songs on the tunes of traditional instruments. You will also find traditional food stalls, jewelry and handicrafts shops.

Watch the glimpse of Shilpgram Festival 2018 here

Edit1- In case you have time and love shopping you can-

Enjoy Shopping on the streets of Udaipur

This is a priority for women and may not be for men.The streets of old Udaipur is full of handicraft items, jewelry, miniature paintings, leather bags etc, visit Hathipol and Maldas street if you want to purchase the bandhej work saree or salwar suit, there are many handicrafts and footwear shops too.Roaming around watching the beautiful market is a bliss.

 Visit Saheliyon ki Baari or Maiden’s Garden

saheliyon ki baari

Saheliyon ki bari

Saheliyon ki baadi was built for the recreation of the princess and the maidens of the royal family, there are fountains and a pool, a huge garden, and a small science museum.The amazing fact about this place is the marvelous engineering of the fountains. The fountains work without the electricity, the fountains get the water supply from Fatehsagar and functions due to the water pressure from Fatehsagar as there is a difference in the altitude of both.

Udaipurbeats Tip-Must try the lemon tea of Prem Bhai at Saheli Restaurant outside the Maiden’s garden on a preceding Road diversion.

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