A Bike trip to Peepliya Ji, a heaven around Udaipur

It’s a pleasure to be in Udaipur in Monsoon as this place and places around get so ‘heavenly’ under showers, Peepliya ji is one top monsoon destination around Udaipur and a ‘Bike Trip’ to this misty destination is a bliss.If you love bike trips then it’s a must visit place for you. The curved single road through the lush green hills dissecting water flowing canals will take you to an unimaginable world full of clouds where you will just get lost in the awe of the tranquility of nature. Peepliya is a village just 32 kilometers from Udaipur and to enjoy the journey to the fullest make sure you choose the right day and time, it’s recommended to plan journey during rainy weather and start off in early hours.We started off at around 6:30 in the morning on 160cc and 300cc bikes, it was mildly raining but it made the journey all the more exciting. We started encountering the voluptuous beauty of nature right from the start of the journey and we could not resist trapping the beauty in the camera.We went via Badi route and got to see the amazing Fatehsagar, the charming Badi Lake(below is the click from the Badi Lake) just at the start of the ride.You will also find the famous picnic spot ‘Ubeshwar Ji’ which is Lord Shiva’s temple in the way which is also worth taking a halt.

The routeĀ to Peepliya ji is captivating!


Badi lake Udaipur

View from Badi Lake


Peepliya Udaipur

The road through lush green hills


Peepliya ji

The view you get in the way, greenery all over


Peepliya ji udaipur

The beauty down there when you reach an Altitude

The curved roads, the water in the canals running along the roads and hills covered in lush green made it a perfect ride, as we approached closer to Peepliya ji we found the path and surrounding covered in clouds, it was so foggy that the area beyond few meters wasn’t visible.Have a look!

peepliya ji Udaipur

Way to Peepliya ji covered under clouds.

And when we reached the final point we were taken aback with the scenic beauty(Watch video at the end).

Peepliyaji Udaipur

View at Peepliya Ji

view at peepliya ji

View at Peepliya ji

You find the Peepliya ji final point towards your right off the road, it’s a sort of table land with a good amount of area, you can park your vehicle, after parking you will need to climb down the rocks to get to the actual view, be careful in climbing down the rocky path as it is very slippery.There are various path trails that lead to different views where you can get an amazing Profile Pic clicked šŸ™‚ Overall it’s the best monsoon destination in the proximity of Udaipur with such view and astonishing landscapes.I was mesmerized to see some villages situated in the garb of nature from the top and wished to have one home at such place away from the hustle and bustle of the Urban life but that’s only a wish šŸ™‚

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Note the things to CarryĀ 

If you are planning during rainy weather carry waterproof bag, a pair of dry clothes(temperature remains moderate so summer clothing is enough), you can also carry raincoat if you don’t like getting wet, carry water bottle, food/snacks(tea and pakodas are available there), non-slippery shoes, avoid heels if possible.

How to Reach

You can reach Peepliya jiĀ through two routes, One is via Rampura Choraha where you need to take a right from ‘Mallatalai Circle’ this will take you to ‘Rampura Choraha/Circle’Ā and from there you take right, this road will take you to Peepliya jiĀ (Refer Map) you will see milestones and boards on all diversions so you have to adopt the way on which ‘Ubeshwar ji’ is written as Peepliya ji is just a few kilometres ahead of Ubeshwar ji.Second route is via ‘Badi’ lake, you need to take left from ‘Fatehpura Chauraha/circle’ and go straight, no turning anywhere, when you reach ‘Badi Lake’ take the road on the left, on diversions ahead keep looking for ‘Ubeshwar ji’ on boards, after reaching Ubeshwar ji continue to go straight and you will reach Peepliya ji.

Watch below the exciting video of our Journey ‘Peepliya ji-A bike trip to Heaven’


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