Karnimata ropeway, Udaipur-An epic ride to witness the surreal view of the city

Karnimata Ropeway Udaipur

Karni Mata Ropeway

If I were to tell you about the best spot in Udaipur to feel the stunning beauty of Udaipur city, it would surely be Shri Manshapurna Karnimata Temple, Udaipur via Karnimata ropeway. Shri Manshapurna Karnimata temple is an old temple built on the Machla hill in Udaipur. You can reach the temple either by a well-built ramp & stair path starting from the nearby Manikya Lal Verma park or by the Karnimata ropeway(tickets and timings details below).However, the ropeway is highly recommended as it gradually exposes the stunning view of the city as you advance on the ropeway. You gradually rise to see the view of Lake Pichola, the Jagmandir Palace, the Lake Palace, the Royal City Palace, Fatehsagar Lake, the localities and luxury hotels around.

Stair Path to Karni Mata Udaipur

Stair and Ramp path to Karnimata

About Karni Mata

  • As per belief, Karni Mata was born in Charan caste
  • She was and still is revered as an incarnation of the Goddess Durga by her followers
  • She is the official deity of the Royal family of Jodhpur and Bikaner
  • She laid the foundation stone of Bikaner and Mehrangarh Fort.
  • One 600-year-old popular temple of Karni Mata is situated in the ‘Deshnok’ town near Bikaner, Rajasthan. The specialty of this temple is, it was built after she mysteriously disappeared from the home, the temple has thousands of Rats roaming openly inside the temple.

Shri Manshapurna Karni Mata Temple, Udaipur

  • The Manshapurna Karni Mata Temple was built by Maharana Karan Singhji between 1620-1628.
  • For a long period the temple remained isolated but in 1997  Shri Manshapurna Karni Mata Development Committee rebuilt it.
  • The temple has a stone idol of Karni Mata.
  • The temple has rats too but not in that number as the Deshnok temple, feeding rats in the temple are believed to bring good luck.

Things to do at Karnimata, Udaipur

  • Visit Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay park situated just opposite to the Karni Mata base and enjoy the beauty of the Lake Pichola and the Royal Palaces.
  • See musical fountain in the evening which happens inside Pandit Deendayal Park.
  • Visit Karnimata top via Karnimata ropeway and enjoy the mesmerizing view of the Udaipur city which exposes gradually as you rise.
  • Relax on the top terrace and see the sunset, the colored sky, and lakes during the sunset.
  • See the panoramic view of the Royal city Udaipur from the terrace, you will be amazed to see the beauty from the top with the lakes, boats, palaces, temples, localities, Aravali Mountain ranges, Luxury hotels everything in front of you, the night view of the same is the treat to the eyes.Click photos and selfies as much as you want as you won’t be able to stop after looking at the stunning city as the backdrop.
  • Visit the Karnimata temple which is on the right side of the ropeway and make a wish in front of the idol 🙂
  • Feed the rat if you spot any
  • Glance at the whole city from the wall towards Karnimata temple side.The infinite view from this point is divine at night.
Karni Mata Udaipur

Evening View from Karni Mata top (terrace)

Lake Palace Udaipur

View of Lake Palace from Karnimata

Karni Mata Udaipur

Infinite view of the city from the Karnimata Wall

Sunset at Karni Mata Udaipu

View after Sunset from Karni Mata

Sunset Karnimata Udaipur

Sunset at Karnimata Udaipur

Karnimata Ropeway Timings and Price

The ticket prices are same for Indians and Foreign tourists.

Ropeway timings- 9am- 9pm

Ropeway Price- Adults- Rs 103 (Both ways)

Children- Rs 52(Both ways)

The ropeway takes around 10-15 minutes to reach the top.You can stay until 10 pm at the top and can return from the cable car after showing your ticket so keep your ticket safe.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit is in the evening around 5-5:30 pm as you can witness the sunset, evening view, and the night view.You can even visit early morning and climb on foot if you want to feel the fresh air and the serene atmosphere.

Things to carry

There are cafe and snacks shops both at the base as well as the top but you can carry your own water bottle and eatables.

Watch the video of the Karnimata ropeway ride and the epic  view of the Udaipur city.

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