City Palace Udaipur entry fee, timings, and everything you need to know

Tripolia gate city palace Udaipur

City palace Udaipur is the most important tourist attraction of Udaipur, the palace is a live example of the prudent vision of the Rajput rulers and impeccable architectural engineering of that era.The complete palace took its shape over the period of 400 years with several Rajput rulers of the Mewar contributing to the magnificent structure.The construction of the palace was started by the Maharana Uday Singh-2 of the Sisodia Rajput clan in 1553 after shifting the Mewar capital from Chittor to the newly founded capital Udaipur. The palace was built on the ridge situated at the east bank of the lake pichola, the palace was constructed on the consultation of a saint whom Maharana Uday Singh-2 met during a hunting expedition.

What to see in City Palace Udaipur

1.The complex-Details below

2.City Palace Museum-There are different museums like Textile, Silver, sculpture, musical instrument Museums.As the complex is huge there are chances of skipping the museums so just ask your guide or anyone about them

3.Crystal Gallery

4.Lake Pichola Boat ride

5.Light and Sound Show

City Palace timings

City palace remains open everyday from 9:30 am- 5:30 pm

City Palace entry charges

The various charges at city palace are:

Entry in permitted area


Children-INR 15

Entry charges Museum

Adults- INR 300

children(5-18years)-INR 150


Students in Group-INR 100

Boating Charges

Day Boating (9 am to 2 pm)-INR 400 per head and INR200 for childeren(5-18 years)

Evening Boating  (3pm to 7pm) -INR 750 per head and INR 325 for children (5-18 years)

Inside of City Palace Udaipur

City Palace Udaipur

City Palace complex Udaipur

The palace is multistoried and  consists of various sub palaces, chowk(open hall), galleries, narrow passages, pillars,murals, glass art work, numerous windows with colorful glass, balconies, garden etc.The whole palace was built in Marble and Granite.The main entry to the palace from the city is through the ‘Bada Pol’ which leads to the tripolia gate (triple arched gate).You will find eight marble arches between these two gates where the Maharanas used to be weighed with gold and silver coins which was then distributed among the public.

1. Manek Chowk

Manak Chowk City Palace Udaipur

Holika erected at Manek Chowk which will be burnt on Holi with royal procession.

Once you pass through the tripolia gate you will see ‘Manek Chowk’.The formal public gatherings, celebrations, and ceremonial processions used to be held here by the Maharanas of that era.The ‘Holika Dehan’ takes place at the Manek Chowk till now with the same customs of the ancient royal era.The Mardana Mahal serve as the beautiful backdrop of the Manek Chowk, various mega events and daily light and sound show is organised at the Manek Chowk.

2. Rai Agan or Nav Chowki Mahal

Rai Agan city palace Udaipur

Rai Agan, the first structure in City Palace

This is the first structure of the palace built by Maharana Uday Singh II, this is the place where the coronation ceremony of Maharanas was held.It has a temple dedicated to the saint who advised Maharan Udai Singh II about construction of the palace.There are 16 pillars each dividing the chambers into equal parts.

3. Moti Mahal

Moti Mahal (Palace of pearls) is adorned with colorful glasses, this palace was the residential palace of Rana Karan Singhji.The Bhim vilas is a part of Moti Mahal.

4. Bhim vilas

Bhim vilas has paintings collection of the Lord Krishna and Radha life stories.

5. Dilkhush Mahal

Dilkhush Mahal or ‘The Palace of Joy’ was built in 1620, the palace has colored glass and is well lit by natural light.The palace showcases beautiful paintings of Mewar.

6. Kanch ki Burj/Sheesh Mahal

Sheesh Mahal city Palace Udaipur

This is the most spectacular piece of art at the city palace.The walls of sheesh mahal has murals which were covered by the mirrors for protection.The interior of this chamber looks strikingly beautiful with shining silver,golden,red,green, blue mirrors shining and reflecting lights, the ceiling of this chamber is dome shaped covered in plain reflecting glass pieces cut in same pattern.You can’t enter the chamber but can have a glimpse of it from outside.

7. Amar Vilas (Badi Mahal)

Entrance to the Amar Vilas 9Badi Mahal)

The highest point in the palace is known as ‘Shiv Prasann Amar Vilas’ which houses Badi Mahal. This section has huge trees and fountains as the garden is known as ‘Badi’ in hindi hence it is called ‘Badi Mahal’.

8. Zenana Mahal or Queens Palace

Zenana Mahal

Zenana Mahal,City Palace

Zenana Mahal City Palace

Royal Swing at Zenana Mahal

Zenana means women, inside zenana mehal queens used to spent time by playing indoor games, you can spot a beautiful royal swing too inside Zenana Mehal. The courtyard of Zenana Mehal now holds royal weddings and musical events under HRH group of hotels.

Zenana Mahal City Palace Udaipur

The Royal Wedding set up at Zenana Mahal

9.Krishna Vilas

Krishna vilas is another chamber with the walls fully covered with miniature paintings depicting royal processions, festival celebration and the games of Maharanas.This chamber is dedicated to Krishna Kumari, daughter of Maharana Bheem Singh ji.The dome shaped ceiling of Krishna vilas is beautifully painted in different color.

10.Mor Chowk

Mor Chowk City Palace Udaipur

Mor Chowk City Palace Udaipur

Mor means peacock, in this courtyard there are three beautiful peacocks decorated with mirror mosaic of blue,green, and golden color.Around 5000 pieces of glass pieces was used to craft these peacocks.The three peacocks depicts the three seasons summer,winter, and the monsoon.These were built 200 years after the palace was built and were made under the reign of Maharana Sajjan Singh.

11.Chini Chitrashala

Chini chitrashala has the chinese and dutch styles tiles with broad windows to give mesmerising view of the city.

12.Suraj Gokhda

Suraj Gokhda city palace Udaipur

Suraj Gokhda

‘Suraj’ means ‘The Sun’ since the Sisodia rulers were Suryavanshi, Sun has got a very sacred place.This place has one huge Gold plated brass emblem of the sun.Surya Gokhda can be seen from Manek chowk with one gold plated Sun emblem embedded on the circular section of the wall.

There are three more palaces, Shiv niwas palace, Darbar Hall Fateh Prakash Palace, and Shambhu Niwas Palace.

Shambhu Niwas is presently used as the residence of the Royal family.Shiv Niwas and Fateh Prakash have been converted into luxury hotels.A part of Fateh Prakash hotel is used as crystal gallery for the display of imported glass items.

Crystal Gallery

Crystal gallery is one bueautiful regal site in the city palace.One you enter you get astounded by the whole royal ambiance like a royal ‘Darbar'(court).There are red carpets spread all over and the decorative chandeliers adorned the ceiling of the hall.You will find the beautifullty carved crystal chairs, dressing tables, sofas, tables, beds, crockery, table fountains which remain unused. These items were ordered by Maharana Sajjan Singh in 1877 from F& C Osler & Co of London but he died before they arrived here. It is said that packaging containing these crystals remained unopened for 110 years.The charges for crystal gallery is costly, INR 580 per person and INR 370 for kids between 5 to 12 years, so if you have special interests for royal beautiful artifacts it’s worth visiting otherwise you can skip it.

City Palace has many windows which gives mesmerising view of the whole city.From one of the window you can get the top view of the place where elephant’s fight used to take place.

Elephant fight city palace

Place where Elephant fight used to take place

City Palace Udaipur

Mesmerising view of the city from the city Palace window

Elephant Fight City Palace

An old picture of the Elephants Fight on City Palace Wall

Some pictures of interesting Artifacts in City Palace Museum

Maharan Pratap Armour

Maharana Pratap’s Armour

Maharana Pratap sword

Maharana Pratap’s Dhaal and the swords

Maharan Pratap's Arms

Maharana Pratap’s Arms used in war

Silver Artifacts Mewad

Artifact(Message letter holder) Made of silver

Designer Night lamp udaipur

Plane shaped Night Lamp








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