Know about the Public Transport in Udaipur|Complete routes and Maps

Udaipur might be a wonderful tourist city but the public transport is not that efficient. In the name of public transport, you will only find three-wheeler autos as shown in the pictures below and electric rickshaws(In less number). If you don’t have a vehicle or you are a backpacker and don’t want to spend money on private autos or taxi then here are the complete route details of the local transport in Udaipur. The minimum fare is 5 rupees and the maximum is 20 Rupees.

Public transport in udapur

Auto for public transport in Udaipur

Auto for public transport in Udaipur

Public transport in Udaipur for tourist places

If you are in old city Udaipur then you can easily cover Jagdish temple, city palace, Gangaur Ghat, Bagore ki Haveli, Ambrai Ghat, Dhudh Talai, Karnimata on foot (refer to below maps). For public transport autos, you will first have to go to the locations marked in red squares. Here’s the detailed route to locations outside the old city.

Old city to Fatehsagar lake– Fatehsagar lake is just 3 km from the old city. To reach the lake you can prefer to walk or hire a personal cab or auto. The path to the lake is highlighted as the brown line in the map starting from Ganesh chowk and ending at the yellow line, for the lake you have to walk towards right after reaching the yellow line.

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Old city to Sajjangarh Fort– This route is same as above you have to reach the yellow line and from there you will get autos for ‘Malla Talai’ tell them to drop you for the fort. You need to walk some distance from the main road to reach the fort gate and then climb up to reach the fort. If you love to walk and climb then it’s fine but if you don’t then better to rent a bike or an ola or uber cab.

Old City to Udaipur Railway Station– You need to reach Surajpole chauraha, refer the brown line in Map1, and from Surajpol you will easily get a direct auto to City Railway Station. You can find the famous Natraj restaurant on the railway station road as well as near Surajpol chauraha.

Old City to Udaipur Bus Stand– The route from old city Udaipur to Udaipur bus stand is same as the railway station route as the main bus stand is located just at the Udiyapole circle before the railway station road.

Complete route details of public transport in Udaipur

You can refer to the complete routes and choose the route according to your requirement. The route number remains mentioned on the autos so it will be easier for you to identify the particular route auto. The charges for the auto is minimum 5 Rs and maximum 20 Rs. All the routes are to and fro.

Route No. 1 City station To Rampura

Tourist spot on this route- Fatehsagar Lake, Sajjangarh fort/ Monsoon Palace, Biological Park, old city Udaipur

Railway station – Busstation –  Surajpole –  DelhiGate –  Hathipole – ChetakCircle – Shiksha Bhawan – FatehsagarEntry – RadajiChouraha – Mahakaleshwar Chowk  – MallaTalai Chouraha – Rampura

Route No. 22 City station To Badgao

Tourist Spots on this route- Sukhadia Circle

RailwayStation – BusStation(Udiapole) –  Surajpole –  DelhiGate –  Hathipole – ChetakCircle – PanchwatiChouraha – SukhadiyaCircle – FatehpuraChouraha – SyphonChouraha – Badgao

Route No. 20 KrishiMandi To Bedla

Reti Stand –  railwayStaionGateNo.2 – Policeline – BusStation(Udiapole) –  Surajpole –  DelhiGate –  Hathipole – ChetakCircle – PanchwatiChouraha – SukhadiyaCircle – FatehpuraChouraha – SyphonChouraha – BedlaChouraha

Route No. 7 City station To Amberi

RailwayStation – BusStation(Udiapole) –  Surajpole –  DelhiGate –  Hathipole – ChetakCircle – PanchwatiChouraha – SukhadiyaCircle – FatehpuraChouraha – RK Circle – Celebration Mall – BhuwanaChouraha – Sukher – Amberi

Route No. 9 Chetak To Savina

ChetakCircle – CourtChouraha – ShashtriCircle – Delhigate – Surajpole – Udiapole – Policeline  – Reti Stand –  HadiRani Circle – Titardi – Savina

Route No. 4 – Chetak To Sector 4,5,6

Chetak Circle  Meera Girls College – Sardarpura – CourtChouraha – Shashtri Circle – Ashok Nagar Road – Durga Nursery Road – Bhatta Chouraha – Sevashram Chouraha – Sector 4,5,6

Route No. 2  Dhudhiya Ganeshji To Goverdhan Vilas

Dhudhiya Ganeshji – MallaTalai Chouraha – Mahakaleshvar Chowk – RadaJi Chouraha – Fatehsagar Entry – Shiksha Bhawan –  Chetak  – DelhiGate – SurajPole – Udiapole – RailwayStation – Patel Circle – Paras Circle – Goverdhan Vilas

Route No.  25 Pratap Nagar To DelhiGate

Transport Nagar – Pacific University – Pratap Nagar –  Thoker Chouraha – Ayad – Lakecity Mall – Ashok Nagar Road – Shashtri Circle – DelhiGate

Court Chouraha to Bohra Ganesh Ji

CourtChouraha – ShashtriCircle – AshoknagarRoad – DurgaNurseryRoad – UniversityRoad


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