10 lesser known facts about Maharana Pratap, the great warrior of Mewar.

Maharana Pratap was undisputedly the bravest Rajput ruler of that era. He was the only one to lock horns with the most dominating Mughal emperor Akbar who is referred as Akbar the great in the history. Here are some lesser known interesting facts about Maharana Pratap.

#1. Chose to fight Akbar, didn’t succumb

When most of the Rajput rulers of Rajasthan succumbed to the supremacy of Akbar which included Pratap’s own treacherous brothers Shakti Singh, Sagar Singh, and Jagmal Singh too, Maharana Pratap refused to bow to Akbar and chose to fight to save his motherland, Mewar.

#2. Fought with just 3000 soldiers against 10000 Mughals in Haldighati.

Maharana Pratap’s army created a lot of casualties to the Mughal army, the first attack was so powerful that the mughal army had to run back several kilometers towards their camp. Pratap fought this battle with amazing war tactic, the Mughal army was made to fight in the narrow mountain pass known as ‘Haldighati Darra’ where it was difficult to enter for the huge army altogether.

#2.A fusion of Might and Mind

Maharana Pratap possessed both might and mind, his might can be judged from the fact that he used to fight on the battlefield while carrying an armor, spear, swords together weighing more than 35 kg. Some people also claim that the total weight of the same exceeded 200 kg but in the museum the mentioned weight is 35 kg. It is claimed that the height of Maharana Pratap is more than 7 feet but the concrete proof of the same is not found but it could be possible.

Maharan Pratap's Javelin at city palace Udaipur

Maharana Pratap’s Spear at City Palace Udaipur

Maharana Pratap Armour at City Palace Udaipur

Maharana Pratap’s Armour

Maharana Pratap sword

Maharana Pratap sword and Guard at City Palace Udaipur

maharana pratap sword weight

The combined weight of the armor, spear, and swords as mentioned at the city palace museum Udaipur.

#3.Sliced Behlol Khan along with horse

It is said that in the historic battle of Haldighati he sliced one of the Mughal opponents Behlol khan from head to horse into two.

Maharana Pratap sliced along with the horse

Maharana Pratap sliced Behlol Khan along with his horse into two

#4. First ever coronation where the nobles and people chose the king

On the recommendations of Mewar nobles and people, his coronation as 54th Mewar ruler was done in Gogunda which is 35 km away from Udaipur during the days of his struggle against Akbar.

#5.The fierce attack on Man Singh-I

In the Haldighati battle, Pratap made his horse Chetak charge over the elephant on which Jaipur ruler Man Singh1 was riding, with Chetak’s forelegs onto the Elephant’s trunk  Pratap launched an attack with his Javelin on Man Singh but Man Singh ducked the attack by bending down.

Maharan Pratap attack on Man Singh

Maharana Pratap’s brave attack on Man Singh

#6.Chetak’s Injury

While resuming to the feet Chetak’s leg got injured by the sword tied to the tip of elephant’s trunk

#7.Jhala Maan Singh impersonated Rana Pratap

Jhala Maan who had a close resemblance to Rana Pratap advised him to leave the battlefield as his dear horse chetak got injured, Jhala Maan wore his crown, the Mughals attacked Jhala Maan mistaking him to be Maharana Pratap and Jhala Maan was Killed.

#8.Pratap remained uncaptured in his lifetime

Akbar always dreamt of capturing Maharana Pratap but he could never succeed.

#9.Vowed to capture back Mewar

Maharana Pratap vowed to conquer entire Mewar and for this, he pledged to leave all the royal pleasure and decided to live in the jungle.

#10. Pratap banged  back strongly

Maharana Pratap banged back strongly and conquered most part of the Mewar through guerilla warfare which also became popular war tacting amongst other warriors.

Maharana Pratap remains unconquered throughout his lifespan, it is said that even Akbar was fascinated with the valor of Pratap. Maharana Pratap is great and will remain great till eternity.

“All is unstable in this world. Land and wealth will disappear, but the virtue of a great name lives forever. Pratap abandoned wealth and land, but never bowed his head.”-Abdul Rahim Khan-e-Khana, part of Akbar’s Navratana 

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