Sheetlasaptami, know about the tradition and story behind it

Sheetlasaptami is celebrated seven days after the Holi festival which is ‘Saptami’ of ‘Chaitra Krishna¬†Paksh’ according to Hindu Calendar, ‘Sheetlasaptami’ consists of Sheetla derived from the Hindi word ‘Sheetal’ which means ‘Cold’ and Saptami means seventh.This festival is also known as ‘Basoda’ which literally means ‘Rotten’ but in this context, it means ‘Cold’.On this day people don’t ignite the ‘Chulha'(stove) at home and prepares the food in the night to be consumed on ‘Sheetlasaptami’ the next day.Women wake up early in the morning, takes bath and do ‘Puja’ of ‘Sheetla Mata’ who is an ‘avatar’ of ‘Goddess Durga’, Women serve¬†the ‘Cold food and sweets’ prepared a night before to Sheetla Mata as prasad.The food prepared in the prior night involves puri,sabzi,pakodi,papdi,besan chakki and one summer delicacy famous in Mewar ie ‘OLIYA’ which is prepared by adding boiled rice to curd and adding cardamom powder, raisins, and dry fruits, it is prepared both sweet and salty.