Have you seen this ‘Sleeping Beauty’ Mountain in Udaipur, a nature’s sculpture

There are so many creations of nature in the world which are famous because of their resemblance to any thing of the human world like the horseshoe lake in California which resembles a horse shoe, there are different mountains in the world which are named after their shape, the lady or women shaped mountains are widely famous and these are mostly named sleeping beauty or sleeping lady. These mountains are situated in the countries like USA, Philippines, Thailand, Pakistan, Cambodia, Norway and many more, these are  Listed  by Wikipedia. Udaipur also has a ‘Sleeping Beauty’ mountain which is also a beauty in the real sense, located on the National Highway 27 the sleeping beauty mountain really looks like a beautiful lady reclining with hairs open.

Have a look!


sleeping beauty Udaipur

Sleeping Beauty Mountain at NH27

Didn’t Get it?


Have a look at it again…

sleeping beauty mountain Udaipur

Now it should be clear 😉

National Highway 27 also known as Gogunda highway is a beautiful highway and traveling on it during monsoon is a bliss, there are so many mountains covered in green and the clouds kissing on them throughout the highway, it’s hard to pass without stopping at the incredible beauty. There are many ways one can reach the highway or the sleeping beauty, one is via badgaon-thoor ki pal and this will lead you to NH27 highway, another way is via Saifan-Bedla village-Lakhavali village, you can spot the sleeping beauty towards your left while you are traveling from Udaipur, it is near ‘Barodiya Chowki’ under Kavita village.The ‘Sleeping Beauty’ Mountain of Udaipur is not much talked about and doesn’t have mention anywhere, hope to see it listed on Wikipedia.

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