Udaipur has a look-alike of President Kovind and we are surprised

President Kovind

We have seen many common people making to the headlines due to their uncanny resemblance with the celebrities or famous personalities, this time we have Mr.Kailash Bihari from our own city Udaipur who has a very close resemblance to our newly elected president of the country Mr. Ramnath Kovind. When the face of the president in the form of Mr. Kovind was announced since then Mr. Kailash started receiving  reactions from the people, whenever he use to move out of the house for the work or other tasks some people used to get shocked looking at him. Many told him that he closely resembles president Kovind after this he started dressing like the president Kovind now whenever he goes out he wears Suit or white ‘kurta pyjama even his spects matches to that of president Kovind.

Mr. Kailash works as a clerk in a government school in Bhopalpura, Udaipur. He has become popular among his co-workers too, everyone now calls him ‘Kovind’. Mr. Kailash wants to meet ‘President Kovind’ once and make him wonder too on this coincidence.We wish this news reaches to the president and Mr. Kailash gets a call soon.

Watch this video and have a look at Mr. Kailash

Source-Rajasthan Patrika

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