Sizzler Festival at Brahma Niwas Hotel brings you variety of Sizzlers and Exotic food

If you are a food lover and crave for the authentic taste then the Sizzler festival is a must go event, the event is organized by ‘The Masala Cartel’ and ‘Brahma Niwas Hotel’. The scrumptious menu is set by two veterans of the Masala Cartel, Chef Devansh, and Chef Shunak.The menu includes refreshing mocktails, starters, main course and yes the sizzling sizzlers as this is Sizzler festival so there are around 10 different varieties of sizzlers served at the Brahma kamal Restaurant few to name are Mexican Sizzlers, Italian Sizzlers, Indian Sizzler, Mediterranean sizzler, Shakshuka and much more.

best sizzler in Udaipur

Italian Sizzler

Best Sizzler in Udaipur

Mexican Sizzler.

sizzlers are great in taste as we tried Mexican and Italian, the Mexican sizzler comes with Mexican rice, potato wedges, refried bean, Mexican black bean cutlet topped with various sauces. The Italian Sizzler comes with three types of pasta ie Penne, Ravioli, and Spaghetti and all the three kinds of pasta are topped with different sauces so the sizzlers tasted great, there was no compromise done with the authentic Italian and Mexican taste apart from sizzlers they also serve some great starters and pizzas, do try the ‘Dumplings’ you can call it a variation of ‘momos’. The dumplings come charred from the top with different flavors and level of spiciness, try Mango Bhut Jolokia, Sariacha, Afghani, and Perri Perri they all have the punch of different types of chilies, the tongue feels that chili taste and it feels amazing, don’t worry it won’t bring you tears 😉



You will also find here the authentic pizza, they have the different varieties of thin crust pizza with multiple types of cheese topping, the pizza is one of the best served in the city.This post is dedicated to the foodies of Udaipur, Must attend the sizzler festival at Brahma Nivas Hotel, the festival will be held until 3rd July at Brahma Nivas Hotel, 7 Swaroop Sagar, Udaipur. For reservation, you can contact 0294-2432142.