[Video]Temple Abhishek done by 21000 liters Milk using fire brigade truck in Kotri, Bhilwara

Dhugdh(Milk) Abhishek is an age-old Hindu custom of worshipping shivlinga by pouring milk over it. There has been a lot of contradictory views over the custom of ‘dugdh Abhishek’ as some treat it as wastage of milk which could have been used to feed the starving population, devotees justify the custom with their knowledge and reasoning and still practice this custom but some devotees took this custom to a whole new level, a very unusual Abhishek took place in the Charbhuja Temple situated in kotri village, Bhilwara district of Rajasthan in which the Abhishek was done of the temple and not the shivlinga, 21000 liters of Milk was sprinkled over the tall standing Charbhuja Temple on the occasion of a locally organized ‘Mahakumbh’.

Watch the video below, in the video, you will see the people climbed over the fire brigade firing a jet of Milk over the temple from the fire brigade pipe and there is the huge crowd cheering the ceremony. Dugdh Abhishek of Shivlinga is fine and acceptable as it relates to the devotion of the devotees but this is clearly wastage of Milk, there are many villages who aren’t getting proper water supplies in this summer, 21000 liters is a huge quantity it could have been put to use in some better way by feeding the poor and starving souls on earth, the latter case sure had made God happy.

Watch the video here

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